A Day of Eating- Adventurous Saturday

a day of eating anxiety free charlottesville drink volley explore cuisine healthy hike king family vineyards korean food lasagna septenary sunbutter the earth diet virginia weekend winery Mar 29, 2021

Cheers to the weekend! With the warm weather in full effect here in Charlottesville, there are an abundance of places to spend the day exploring, and we did just that!

Breakfast was a delicious smoothie balanced with protein, antioxidants, and healthy fats. To make it satiating, I will usually add in some Sunbutter- I love how easy it is to pack in all kinds of nutrients in a smoothie. That way, I start the day off with a few servings of fruits, veggies, and other antioxidant-rich foods without having to put too much time and effort into it!

After breakfast, we hit the road for a hike in the mountains, Sunbutter and Anxiety-Free Supplements in hand! I used this as an opportunity for grounding, and opted to go barefoot. If you don't know, there are major health benefits to going barefoot and standing on the earth regularly- you should definitely try it out if you don't incorporate this practice into your routine already! 

After the hike, we had leftover creamy salmon lasagna from the day before and then road-tripped with Volley to our next destination: wineries! Of course, we had Sunbutter packed for the trip too. I am loving being able to explore the many different wineries and breweries in the Charlottesville area- they're everywhere!

First up was Septenary Winery. We enjoyed the 2017 Cloverplains, which is a lighter blend, in their cozy outdoor environment- divine!

Next, we headed to King Family Vineyards, a winery boasting acres of open fields and stables. The environment was picturesque; the perfect place to spend a Saturday afternoon with friends and family. 

It's always fun to try out various cuisines, so we ended the day with some Korean takeout from a restaurant across the street! The perfect end to a spectacular day.

It was definitely a full day, but in the best way possible. Looking forward to enjoying Sunday and getting recharged for another week of work fueled by nutritious meals!