A Day of Eating and Working with The Earth Diet Team

anxiety free anxiety free supplements bragg day in the life day of eating edward and sons lianas organics pique selina naturally ten sushi the earth diet vitacost Apr 01, 2021

We got up and got straight to work with The Earth Diet team this morning- it's always such a treat being able to work together in a group and tackle various projects. I started the day with Pique Tea Matcha, green juice, and my Anxiety-Free Supplements, as always. 

A little flashback to visiting the White House in December!

Later in the afternoon, we went to a friend's farm for wine and snacks, which was incredible! She showed us her garden, chickens, and bee hive with fresh honey. Definitely getting ideas for my future farm- goals and dreams for sure!

Came back home for dinner by a warm fire. We got our food from Ten Sushi, an amazing sushi spot in Charlottesville, but I also made my own organic edamame and some Edward and Sons Instant Miso Soup. Not many restaurants offer organic options for soy items like miso soup, so I opt for brands like Edward and Sons who make it super easy to whip up your own instead! They use the cleanest, high quality ingredients and offer products I can trust. I also added some Bragg Liquid Aminos and Selina Naturally Celtic Sea Salt to the edamame and sushi. Selena Naturally is my favorite salt because they ensure that the process of harvesting the salt maintains the integrity of the minerals crucial for health! Their salts are always inspected and approved to meet their high quality standards.

Reminder that tomorrow is the start of the April Challenge for Earth Diet members. We have all said one thing we're giving up and one thing we are replacing instead! I'm giving up coconut sugar and maple syrup for the month and will have honey, dates, or fruit instead-- or just give myself a break from sugar altogether! Very exciting; we've got this! Also, I just launched my Anxiety Free Supplements on the Liana's Organics website. They've been on sale on Vitacost for the past month, but are now available on my website as well. You can buy 2 and receive free shipping or 3 to get a 10% off discount and free shipping! People have been loving taking them- they say they feel more calm and are better able to complete daily tasks with ease. If you haven't tried them out yet, definitely check them out here!