A Day of Eating- Becoming a US Citizen

a day of eating allergy friendly bakery central park day in the life erin mckenna's gluten free greek juice press loi estiatorio mediterranean new york nyc organic pret vegan Mar 25, 2021

Today was very exciting for me.. I officially became a US citizen! I thought it would be fun to share a day of eating around NYC for this special occasion. After moving to Charlottesville, VA, this is my first time being back in the city, so I made sure to stop by some of my favorite spots, but there are also some great finds that I haven't talked about before, so be sure to check them out below!

First things first, I took my Anxiety-Free Supplement, which can be purchased on the Vitacost website or in their stores! I take this daily to ease my nerves and reduce anxiety levels, which is especially important on busy days like today.

After, I started the day in Central Park for an early walk with a friend and a green tea from Pret. If you don't know, Pret is a café with locations around the world, where they serve organic tea and coffee in addition to freshly made sandwiches, salads, baked goods, and some other food items.

After our walk, my friend Gloria Pope and I made an incredibly nourishing protein shake with spirulina, coconut water, Nutiva protein powder, and Sunbutter! Greens are always a great way to start your morning.

Then, I headed to Erin McKenna's to pick up a cake. What better place to grab a celebratory dessert than this allergy friendly bakery that serves non GMO, vegan, and gluten free treats? The founder, Erin, started her bakery to cater to underserved individuals with allergies, sensitivities, and other dietary restrictions, and she does nothing short of please her customers who always leave trying not to sneak a bite before getting home! From the cupcakes to donuts, nothing on this menu will disappoint, and you certainly won't be missing the traditional dairy, egg, and nut-filled desserts so many of us aren't able to enjoy.

I also enjoyed some leftovers from last night and toast from Tartinery in Colombus Circle, a wonderful place to grab a quick, nutritional breakfast or lunch in the city. Leftovers were branzino, lamb, and calamari dishes from Loi Estiatorio, a fine-dining Greek restaurant with an abundance of fresh, organic ingredients! I'm definitely eating here every time I'm back in NYC-- everything was exquisite! 

In the afternoon, I got in my veggies with juices from Juice Press and some raw carrots. As you know, Juice Press is a must when in New York! I also snacked on a kiwi- I try to have fruits and vegetables as my snacks, as opposed to the processed options that are so easy to grab.

Dinner tonight was an assortment of items I pieced together at the airport: more leftover branzino from Loi Estiatorio and some broccoli sprouts. 

Dessert was some organic apricots. Something you may not know is that dried apricots should be a brown, not bright orange like so many of the options in stores today. These actually get their vibrant orange color from sulfur dioxide, which is used as a preservative. Though the organic, unprocessed apricots may not look as appealing and bright, it is certainly what is on the inside that counts; looks aren't everything, even for apricots! 

I flew out of the new LGA airport, which is gorgeous and has so many healthy options! It was certainly one of the healthiest airports I've ever seen. I have attached photos of some of the Earth Diet-approved options I found when walking around. . they even had a Juice Press!

It was definitely a super busy day, but I loved being back in the city; being able to visit some of my favorite spots; and most of all, becoming a US citizen!! I hope these recommendations were helpful- stay tuned for more posts of what I eat in a typical day!