A Day of Eating- Busy Workday with Patients

anxiety-free busy day of eating erin mckenna's erin mckennas bakery healthy hu kitchen juice press meals pique sunbutter sustainable cocina the earth diet Mar 26, 2021

Thursday's are busy workdays for me, filled with lots of patient appointments. All this brain activity requires lots of nourishment, so get excited for a full day of eating, fit for the days where you are super busy and need some extra fuel!

Breakfast was a gluten free bagel I brought back from Erin McKenna's in NYC, topped with the works: avocado, broccoli sprouts, a fried egg, and some hot sauce! I also had delicious smoothie with Nutiva protein and Sunbutter. It was the perfect way to kick off my day!

I also enjoyed some Pique tea- my favorite ceremonial grade matcha. I love incorporating matcha into my routine since it has great health benefits: it's packed with antioxidants and, like coffee, gives you an energy boost, only without the same jitters and crash afterwards!  

For lunch I had salmon topped with the most amazing chimichurri sauce by the brand Sustainable Cocina and a side of greens with avocado. Their "Churri" is made from the best ingredients and has such a vibrant flavor. Plus, it was made by my friend who is an epic Chef! He explains it as being "crafted with Rodrigo's inspiration he had working at Michelin Star restaurant in California," and you can follow them on Instagram @sustainablecocina & @rodrigofernandini. This was a super well rounded meal, as it incorporates healthy fats from the salmon and avocado, protein from the salmon, and greens! It definitely kept me fueled for my busy afternoon of calls.

Now, for a fun break in the day: trying out Hu Kitchen's new cookies. I always love seeing brands release alternatives to traditional packaged products that have cleaner ingredients! These cookies are date-sweetened, so they're totally refined sugar free and have just 7g of sugar per serving, which is much better than traditional cookies- especially since none of the sugars are added! They are also gluten free and free from sugar alcohols, dairy, lecithin, gums, and refined starches. If you're looking for a crunchy, melt-in-your-mouth, Earth Diet approved cookie, give these a try! 


For dinner I had a plant burger from Juice Press, my favorite as you know! This is the best plant based burger I've ever had with real ingredients, unlike many of the plant based alternatives on the market. They put months of experimentation into this recipe to make it as delicious and nutritious as possible, and I can confirm that it is nothing less than spectacular! I had it over a bed of greens and broccoli sprouts with some broccoli and sweet potatoes. This made for another well-balanced meal with plenty of vegetables. 

After dinner, I had my Anxiety-Free supplement and some wine. Nothing's better than a night in, watching a movie, curled up on the couch with a glass of wine- especially after a long day of work!

To end the night, I settled down with a cup of warm ginger tea. It was a long day, but I enjoyed being able to work with all of my patients and was fueled by three great meals and a couple treats!