A Day of Eating- Easter Sunday

anxiety free with food base culture charlottesville daiya easter healthy organic plant based porridge rivanna trail uva Apr 07, 2021

Happy Easter! Spent a lot of time outside today enjoying the beautiful weather and had some great meals- hope you were able to do the same. I started the day with another superfood porridge bowl. You can find this recipe in my Anxiety Free with Food book- trying to enjoy them before the weather gets too warm!

Then, we went for a walk around UVA grounds and made a stop at the Rotunda- it was beautiful! We also went on a walk on the Rivanna Trail. After, lunch was a turkey melt on Base Culture Bread using Applegate Turkey and Daiya Cheddar Cheese.

Easter dinner was a plant based feast of vibrant organic veggies and quinoa! One of the easiest, most nutrient dense meals to make- just throw a bunch of vegetables on a baking tray and add some protein and healthy fat! Yum!

I hope all of you who celebrate had a great, relaxing Easter!