A Day of Eating in NYC Food Journal! Morning Workout in Central Park, Anxiety-Free Supplements, Pret for Organic Tea, Juice Press for Breakfast and Lunch, Dinner at Amazing Italian Place Epistrophy

a day of eating anxiety free epistrophy nyc mbrace.life nyc pret sunbutter the earth diet the juice press travel what i eat in a day workout May 17, 2021

Hello Everyone! I have had a blast in NYC with great food, fun, and friends!! 

Gloria and I started the day with a morning workout in Central Park. Gloria is the founder of Mbrace.Life and a certified Health and Wellness Coach. Mbrace.Life creates natural oils, lotions, and soaps that enhance everyday life and overall wellbeing! But...before the workout, I made sure to take some of my Anxiety-Free Supplements, which help support stress and anxiety management, promotes nervous and immune system support, and supports focus and mood balance. It is an awesome way to start each and every day!

The next stop was Pret for organic Tea. Pret brews 100% organic coffee and tea and makes fresh food in each location's kitchen every day! Additionally, all unsold food is donated to food rescue partners at the end of each day. Pret was originally founded in London and now has several locations in the US.

 Of course, I had to stop in at The Juice Press and get a smoothie and go shopping at their market! Their market is amazing and sells everything you could need when grocery shopping. They sell my Anxiety-Free Supplements and if you are not in NYC, they are available on their online market! Additionally, they also sell SunbutterExplore Cuisine products, and Lesser Evil Paleo Puffs! Sunbutter is an awesome alternative to other butter and spreads and they are gluten-free, non-GMO, and free from the top 8 food allergens! Explore Cuisine is a plant-based, organic pasta made from wheat alternatives; such as red lentil, green lentil, chickpea, fava bean, black soybean, edamame, spirulina, mung bean, sesame, and rice. Lastly, Lesser Evil makes the best "healthy Cheeto!" The paleo puff is an organic snack with a guilt-free and dairy-free cheesy taste.

It was so good the first time, I had to go back to The Juice Press later in the day for another mid-day pick-me-up smoothie!! 

To end the day, I went to Epistrophy and had THE BEST pasta for dinner! They hand-make their pasta and use quality flour, this is the key to eating gluten, you have to make sure it’s good quality flour! Italians are used to using quality ingredients. The beef is also grass-fed. Epistrophy uses organic and locally sourced items on their breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus!

While I was in the city I had to make sure to visit my dentist to perfect my smile with Invisalign!

I had so much fun visiting the city and cannot wait to go back!!