A Day of Eating- Lots of Greens and a New Favorite Dessert

anxiety free charlottesville cooks venture day in the life day of eating earth diet no added sugar nougat nougat bars organic sunbutter Apr 01, 2021

It was another busy work day for me, but I stayed fueled with all the right types of foods. I started the day with a green juice and my Anxiety-Free Supplements because a workday just doesn't go as smoothly without them!

I was super hungry by lunchtime and luckily had some rice paper rolls prepped and ready to go with a chili and honey Sunbutter sauce- one of my favorite meals recently because they're easy to grab, filled with an abundance of veggies and healthy fats from the avocado (and sauce!), and they taste amazing! 

I also made the tastiest Nougat Bars, but this time I replaced the nuts with sunflower and pumpkin seeds & the nut butter with extra Sunbutter to make them nut-free! These are another great item to have on hand- they're quick, give you the extra energy boost we all need in the afternoons, and the only added sugar comes from the chocolate you use (everything else is sweetened by dates!) 

I took an afternoon walk since the weather was so beautiful, and it was great to see more of my new neighborhood- I could get used to these warm, sunny spring days!

For dinner I made a vibrant stir fry using Cooks Venture Chicken, which is beyond just organic. This farm uses regenerative farming practices to promote biodiversity and push the meat industry back to the way it should be: without all of the hormones, maltreatment, and practices that are harmful to the environment! They model transparency with all of their practices and offer a product that is good for the environment and consumers alike. 

That wraps up my busy yet productive day- hope you enjoyed and found something new to try out on your own!