A Day of Eating- Sunny Saturday

a day of eating anxiety free anxiety free supplements charlottesville garden lianas organics organic pique tea roots natural kitchen the earth diet Apr 06, 2021

Happy Saturday- super stoked for sun in the forecast and warmer weather coming up! I started the day with some porridge topped with superfood toppings, such as hemp, chia, flax, and local honey in addition to fresh, organic berries. A super well rounded and delicious meal to start the day.

Later in the morning, I took my Pique Tea with me to a diner so that I could enjoy an organic tea, while still enjoying time out with friends. Use code "LIANA" to receive 5% off of your first order! I also had a green juice and my Anxiety-Free Supplements as usual.

After tea, we went shopping for plants for the rooftop garden I'm working on, which was so fun! I can't wait to grow my own fresh produce. We also had Korean food on the rooftop for lunch. 

Dinner was from Roots Natural Kitchen, a plant-forward chain that started here in Charlottesville! This build-a-bowl stop features a menu with an emphasis on fresh ingredients, allowing you to choose a signature bowl from the menu or build your own based on your preferences! All kinds of eaters can find something here, but a well-balanced bowl is always ensured. 

Looking forward to a laid back Easter Sunday!