A Day of Eating- Traveling Home

a day of eating airport dr. smood epistrophy nyc fine and raw healthy juice juice press lianas organics new york sushi tips travel what i eat in a day Apr 09, 2021

I hate to be leaving the city so soon, but I'm excited to be home, get back into my routine, and share more home-cooked meal ideas for you all! Before getting to the food, I wanted to share a picture of a beautiful church I visited while here- gorgeous! 

Travel day meals are always tough, especially when flying, so I made sure to start the day with some of my NYC favorites! First I had some spicy eggplant jerky from Dr. Smood. I love everything they offer, including their smoothies and juices, because they only use the highest quality, organic ingredients- it is certainly an Earth Diet-approved spot! They are constantly trying to learn more about nutrition and sustainability but never compromise flavor. It's a win-win! I also had a piece of Fine and Raw chocolate!

I couldn't help but bring along some Juice Press for the road. I enjoyed one of their green juices along with some organic blueberries. 

At the airport, I was super hungry, so I got an avocado roll. Definitely not ideal, since there's always sugar in the rice of this type of grab-and-go sushi, but it's a better option than most other food items at the airport! Be sure to grab the gluten-free option of the soy sauce, since the soy in the packets of the traditional kind is genetically modified! 

Not the healthiest day of eating today, but a realistic representation of a travel day- it's all about balance!