A Day of Eating- Wednesday in the City

a day of eating anxiety free supplements eating evolved fine and raw juice press lianas organics loi estiatorio new york smart sweets what i eat in a day Apr 09, 2021

Day two in New York, and I'm loving being back- nothing compares to this city's energy!

Started the day off with some green juice as usual, only this time it was from my favorite Juice Press instead of made at home. A busy day around the city calls for adequate hydration and fuel, so it's always a good idea to swing by any of the Juice Press locations to grab a meal, snack, or drink- and you can now grab my Anxiety Free Supplements there as well! 

I didn't have many set meals today since we spent so much time traveling around, but we brought along plenty of snacks: chocolate from Fine and Raw and Eating Evolved and some Smart Sweets! Also stopped by a café to get a matcha latte as an afternoon pick-me-up.

Finally, we stopped by Loi Estiatorio for dinner. If you've been reading my day-of-eating posts, you may recognize this restaurant from last time I was in NYC! I only found it recently, but I don't think I'll ever visit New York again without eating here at least once. They only use the freshest ingredients and offer some of the healthiest Greek items I've ever seen in a restaurant. Not to mention, it all tastes incredible! If you are from New York or just in the area for a few days, this is a must-try!

My time here has flown by- I wish I could stay longer, but excited to get home, get back in my routine, and share some home-cooked recipe ideas with you soon!