My recipes featured on the Baby Brasa Menu in NYC!

babybrasa bobs red mill bragg collaboration drink volley event explore cuisine hu kitchen imlakesh montysnyc new york nutiva peruvian restaurant sproud sunbutter theearthdiet volley Mar 04, 2021

Earlier this month I had the chance to collab with one of my favorite restaurants in NYC,  Baby Brasa.  For the collab, I took over the menu for two nights and served 5 of my recipes from my books! The event was a success and so much fun. Prior to the event, I got to go into the kitchen and show the chefs how to make all the dishes and let them add their Peruvian flare as Baby Brasa is a Peruvian restaurant. 

The dishes were all so delicious and full of nutrients. I am so excited about how they turned out. The menu was pre-fixed with appetizer options, entree options, one dessert, and two drink options. The two appetizer options were a Warm Explore Noodle Salad with Creamy Sunbutter sauce with the dressing made from Bragg liquid aminos and my Monty's Seafood Chowder which is nice and creamy thanks to Nutiva buttery oil.

The two main dish options were my Walnut Crusted Chicken coated in Bob's Red Mill paleo flour served with Explore Cuisine Chickpea Risoni or a Citrus Beef Stir-fry also served with the Explore Cuisine Risoni.

For dessert, we served my Gluten-Free Apple Crumble with coconut ice cream drizzled with Hu Kitchen chocolate & Mountmansfield Maple.


There were two delicious cocktails served. The first option was my Hot Chocolate recipe made with Imkalesh cacao and Sproud pea-milk, and of course a shot of vodka. The second option was a Blood Orange Tequila Elixir made with Volley tequila seltzer.

It was so fun being back at an event and getting to meet you guys!


That’s a wrap on the collab! It felt so good to be back at an event, especially at one of my favorite foodie spots in NY. My go-to place for organic Peruvian in NYC! The wild salmon and organic rotisserie chicken are my favorites there, if you in NYC, check them out! 
Special thanks to Milan, one of the owners for helping make this collaboration happen!