C&O An Incredible Dining Experience In Charlottesville

ambiance c&o charlottesville dairy free gluten-free local rockfish sea-to-table the earth diet Jan 25, 2022

I had a wonderful Friday evening at the C&O restaurant in Charlottesville, VA! This was my first time and I was impressed. 

Their menu had so many amazing options. Multiple items on the menu are clean and local, sea-to table. I had the wild rockfish with Maryland lump crab. Yum! This dish came with sauteed spinach and Maryland jumbo lump crab, sauce beurre blanc, and meyer lemon. I asked for dairy free so that chef cooked it in olive oil and didn't include the sauce. The chef also did a special potato fritter without dairy instead of mashed potatoes and it was incredibly juice! 

I typically recommend local fish dishes when eating out at restaurants as seafood is always a great, cleaner choice and is gluten, soy and dairy free. 

C&O was super accommodating to my diet and provided me with a meal to write home about! All of the ingredients are fresh and high quality. 

The atmosphere and ambiance was incredible! It was such a cozy yet European vibe. It was delightful and I got the spend the evening with several friends. 

C&O has lots to offer from the food, the service and the decor. This restaurant has many Earth Diet approved options. I highly recommend traveling to the cute country side for this fabulous dining experience! Thank you for a wonderful dinner, Elliot and Sarah