San Diego: A Clean Healthy Delicious Restaurant, True Food Kitchen!

gluten free healthy restaurant san diego organic food san diego true food kitchen san diego where to eat in san diego Aug 29, 2022

I recently had dinner at True Food Kitchen in San Diego. An amazing location with clean + delicious food!

I had the signature umami grass-fed burger with a gluten-free bun topped with dairy-free cheese and sweet potato hash on the side. I also had an organic rosé sangria with dessert of course.

Happiness at a restaurant like True Food KitchenWhich are all over USA by the way, check your area to see if one is close by!

Better food means better living. True Food Kitchen is the only restaurant fundamentally based on science that ensures all of its craveable dishes and drinks work to increase the longevity of our people and planet.

Consciously-sourced seasonal ingredients with super powers. They believe in food that works for us, to nourish us as healthfully as possible…without sacrificing flavor. Based on the anti-inflammatory food pyramid, the brainchild of the founder, Dr. Weil, renowned doctor of integrative medicine, every single ingredient on our menu is carefully selected and hand-crafted into signature dishes that make eating well effortless, energizing and most importantly, full of flavor.

Give True Food Kitchen a try, it will be worth it. I promise!