Colloidal Silver not only Boosts Immunity but Helps with Anxiety Too

anxiety-free collodial silver gut health Feb 03, 2021

Colloidal silver is a liquid or gel in which microscopic particles of silver are suspended.1 Silver is naturally found in soil, mushrooms, and breast milk. And yes, it’s the same metal we wear as jewelry. As a dietary supplement, we are able to safely consume it in small quantities in colloidal form. The liquid contains only nanoparticles of the metal.

Poor-quality preparations of colloidal silver and overconsumption of the product can cause a condition known as argyria, which causes the skin to turn ashy blue. Good-quality colloidal silver preparations taken in appropriately small doses do not turn the skin blue. Do not make your own at home. Avoid impure products with additives and adhere strictly to the packaging guidelines.2 

Robert Scott Bell, host of his eponymous radio show and co-author of Unlock the Power to Heal, says: “colloidal silver repairs the skin faster than anything else on the planet. There is nothing on earth that causes skin regrowth like colloidal silver, and the second place is aloe, and that’s why the combination is so great for healing the gut or any wounds. Silver is the great accelerator in tissue regeneration. It works by taking damaged cells out of a damaged state and replacing them with healthy new cells. And that is why silver is a mainstay in burn centers around the world.” 3 Colloidal silver has been used for centuries by natural healers to treat infections due to yeast, bacteria, parasites, and viruses. Modern research studies are beginning to assess colloidal silver with positive results.4

The reason colloidal silver is helpful with anxiety is that it helps to boost the immune system and assists with good gut health. As was discussed earlier, people with compromised immune systems often experience anxiety, so taking supplements to strengthen immunity is most beneficial.

You can spray colloidal silver under your tongue for 30 seconds three times a day or put the liquid under your tongue where it is swiftly absorbed. You could also do the Aloe and Colloidal Silver Protocol

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