Dinner at Gracias Madre Newport Beach - Delicious, Plant-based Mexican Food!

california dairy free expo west gluten free gracias madre mexican plant based vegan cafe Mar 16, 2022

Gracias Madre is an organic and plant-based restaurant in Newport Beach, California. It’s amazing to find a plant-based restaurant that also adheres to using solely organic ingredients. The food is absolutely delicious, organic Mexican cuisine. It’s no surprise this place is so popular! It’s a nice atmosphere too, fresh and high vibe, a lot of clean nutrition. 

I had the jackfruit Crunch Wrap, which was superb and highly recommended! It’s called the Fuerte Crunch Wrap which contains jackfruit carnitas, guacamole, pico de gallo, cashew nacho cheese, corn tostada, wrapped & pressed in a whole wheat tortilla. An exception to when I have gluten on a rare occasion - it must be organic and high-quality wheat. The jackfruit was delicious and incredibly well seasoned.  Jackfruit is a tropical tree fruit grown in Asia, Africa, and South America. It has a thick, bumpy rind and inside a stringy flesh that people eat raw or cooked. It’s known as a superfood meat alternative.

Jackfruit offers impressive key nutrients, including protein, fiber, B vitamins, potassium and it’s high in three key antioxidants: Vitamin C, carotenoids, and flavanones. Jackfruit stands apart from other tropical fruits because of its high protein content. It’s an amazing fruit that the earth provides naturally for our health and healing!

A fun fact: Jackfruit is the largest tree-borne fruit in the world, weighing up to 40-80 pounds!

We also had chips and guacamole for the table. And the rest of the party ordered the Jackfruit Carnitas, Mushroom Fajitas, Tropical Bowl, and The Burrito Bowl. They were all so delicious. 

And you can't forget the dessert! We ordered a few different options. They all looked too good to pass up. We tried the Fudge Brownie, Raw Red Velvet Cake (colored with beets, so cool!), Apple Pie, Chocolate Coconut Gelato, and the Banana Gelato. All of their desserts were gluten-free, and free of refined sugar, so epic! 

This was the perfect way to finish the four-day Expo West marathon! This food felt so nourishing. Plus, the company was amazing too! Looking forward to Expo West 2023.