A week of eating on The Earth Diet: I wanted to eat a majority plant based this week to cleanse, preparing for a spring party, trying a new vegan cheese, my anxiety-free supplements everyday and launched my Online Health Business School!

a day of eating earth diet four sigmatic healing healthy juice laundry meal prep plant based vegetables what i eat in a day Apr 25, 2021

In preparation for a spring party, I thought it would be fun to do a week-long plant based cleanse. I meal prepped tons of easy dishes to grab throughout the day that make it easy to stick to your goals and fuel your body with only the best ingredients.

As always, I started the day with some fresh juice, but switched things up a bit and went for OJ this time! Instead of my usual green tea, I also decided to try out a Four Sigmatic cacao "chill" latte- so easy and so yum! It's always nice to change things up from time to time. 

Throughout the week, I enjoyed smoothies for breakfast- such an easy way to pack in nutrients, especially to start off the day! When I didn't feel like making them on my own, I'd take a walk to my favorite stop- The Juice Laundry. By the way, I tried these crackers that they sell for the first time, and they're so good! A great snack with simple ingredients! On my walks, I saw the most beautiful flowers and the cutest sign.

 For lunches and dinners, I prepped a bunch of quinoa dishes to ensure I was getting enough protein, sweet potatoes, a veggie-packed soup, and a pea and cauliflower rice salad with purple cabbage. I love all the colors that come with eating whole foods. 

If you haven't tried meal prep before, I highly recommend it- definitely takes an additional stressor out of the picture and makes it easier to stick to your health goals! Oh, and another exciting announcement coming your way- I just launched my Online Health Business School, so be sure to check that out!! Woohoo!

To end off the most amazing weekend, I made myself some gluten free blueberry pancakes for Sunday brunch- had to continue the fun spring vibes!