What I Ate In A Week In Charlottesville

applegate bhu foods buddha bowl cooks venture explore cuisine food earth gluten-free high quality juice laundry organic real sunbutter the earth diet Jan 21, 2022

I started off this week by fasting for breakfast. During this time I made 3 days of juices, woo! I love my daily green juices. Packed with nutrients and so fresh! 

For lunch, I had Cooks Venture Chicken. Yum! 

For dinner. I had veggies, chickpeas, and quinoa as my Buddha bowl. So satisfying!

On Tuesday, I had a plant-based lasagna for lunch. 

For dinner, I had AppleGate Chicken Sausage with left overs from my Buddha bowl. 

On Wednesday, I had lunch in the snow with Juice Laundry!

I always have Sunbutter on hand! I stay prepared for whatever life throws at me. 

For dinner, I had Food Earth Organic Indian. They are organic, non-gmo, gluten-free and no preservatives. They are an upgrade if needing a convenient and easy, yet nutritious meal!

On Thursday morning, I had homemade hot cacao. Hmmm so warming!

On Friday morning, I had Bhu Foods Double Dark Chocolate Chip Protein Cookie. 

For lunch, I had protein pancakes. Yum! Recipe coming soon.

For dinner, I went to C&O in Charlottesville. I had the wild rockfish which included sautéed spinach and maryland jumbo lump crab, sauce beurre blanc, and meyer lemon. I asked for dairy free so the chef cooked it in olive oil instead. I didn't include the sauce, and the chef did a special potato fritter without dairy instead of mashed potatoes. It was incredibly juicy! 

Breakfast on Saturday!

Dinner on Saturday night, Ezekiel bread with monty's butter

Lunch on Sunday! Homemade chicken noodle soup with green juice.