Everything I ate for my 34th Birthday Weekend

air purifier anxiety free anxiety free supplements biking birthday drink volley greenbrier intellipure seafood spa sulphur springs volley weekend Apr 13, 2021

For my 34th birthday weekend, my boyfriend took me to the Greenbrier in Sulphur Springs, West Virginia, and it was absolutely incredible. Before leaving, I had some eggs, sausage, and broccoli for breakfast and some lemon rosemary salmon with more broccoli later in the afternoon. I also packed some Volley drinks, more broccoli, and my Anxiety Free Supplements for the road!

Once we arrived, it was great to unwind and enjoy everything the resort had to offer. They have many outdoor, recreational activities such as mountain biking and pickleball; a delightful spa; and one of my personal favorite parts was the natural sulfur springs. The springs are located on the Greenbrier property and have been used for ages, even back to the native Indians, due to their "healing properties"- how cool! I loved being able to drink straight from the tap water and bathe in it, but I wish they had a little sign telling you it's safe to drink. I had no idea until the third day when I went to the spa! 

We started our stay with a tasty dinner. For meals on this trip, I chose to stick to fish, shrimp, and crab rather than the salads with sugary dressings, chicken and beef. I also brought my own snacks along for the daytime- you can definitely live the Earth Diet lifestyle anywhere and everywhere you go if you're intentional!

The next day, we walked around and enjoyed the beautiful flowers that are planted on the property- it really felt and looked like spring!

 Enjoyed some more seafood for lunch and then headed to the indoor pool with some Volley and Anxiety Free Supplements!

We enjoyed another lovely dinner at the resort before a big Sunday day ahead!

Had to make the most of our last day, so we started with tea and then headed out to the trails to bike- how fun! I love finding adventurous ways to stay active. 

What better way to end our trip than outside enjoying the warm weather! We had a relaxing drive home with beautiful blue skies and some good snacks. 

When we got home, I made a super easy, one-pan chicken and veggie dinner. It's always good to get back in the kitchen and know every ingredient that's used! I'm also stoked about this new Intellipure Air Purifier for the apartment- the most amazing birthday gift! 

So grateful for such a wonderful getaway weekend for my birthday! It was the perfect time to relax and reset for some exciting projects to come!