Everything I Ate While Filming for ABC News

a day of eating abc news anxiety free anxiety free supplements anxiety free with food cappellos charlottesville explore cuisine rao's marinara sunbutter the earth diet what i eat in a day Apr 15, 2021

Today was super exciting for a couple reasons: First, I got to film a segment for ABC news AND it's the first time my supplements will be featured on air! How cool! A lot of food preparation went into filming this segment, but I got to enjoy it all afterwards. Read along to see what I prepared.

All of the recipes I prepared are in my Anxiety Free With Food book- they're super simple, don't take a lot of time or ingredients, and are all packed with nourishing superfoods! The first dish I made was my Brain Bowl smoothie. It's as easy as throwing a few ingredients in the blender, but it packs in a punch with spirulina, frozen fruit, and hemp seeds! It also has the most incredible vibrant green color. For an extra boost, add in two of my Anxiety Free Supplements- all you have to do is drop them in with the rest of the ingredients, capsule and all. I topped mine with gluten free granola, fresh berries, cacao nibs, chia seeds, and some Sunbutter!

Next up was salmon "fish fingers" with Explore Cuisine Fusilli and a fresh salad! This dish is a great alternative to traditional fish fingers, as it requires a minimal amount of oil, is crusted with turmeric and walnut meal- high in antioxidants and omega 3s, and uses wild caught salmon which also packs in the omega 3s! Omega 3 fatty acids produce EPA and DHA, essential nutrients, through an inefficient pathway, but salmon is so great because it already has the EPA and DHA available without the body needing to go through those extra steps!

The final dish was super simple Sunbutter cups: A great recipe that requires minimal time and effort but ensures a tasty, healthy dessert! Plus, Sunbutter offers a higher nutrient profile than most nut butters and is nut-allergy friendly- it's a win-win. 

What a whirlwind! Three insanely good recipes in a 3 minute clip- that was so much fun, and it was so great to work with my team to do it from home!

After a long morning and early afternoon of prepping and shooting, I was stoked to sit down and relax with a pizza for dinner. I love using Cappello's Pizza Crust to make my own at home because it's still super comforting and satisfying but much more nutrient dense than a traditional crust! Topped with Rao's sauce, greens, and some creamy mozzarella, this was the perfect night cap!

Be on the lookout for when this segment airs, so that you can follow along and see exactly how to make all of these dishes!