First Visit to Maine for Alyssa Kuchta Founder of FYB and Sam Johnson Wedding, Maine Food, Wedding Food at Live Well Farm

anxiety free supplements lianas organics organic plant based the earth diet travel Aug 10, 2021

We went to an amazing wedding at Live Well Farm in Harpswell, Maine. It was so much fun and so pretty!!

Live Well Farm has a farmhouse for guests to stay, a barn for events, and so much to do on their property. The farmhouse is 185 years old and the barn sits on 5 acres by Casco Bay. They have gardens, a blueberry patch, an apple orchard, and so much more. It is beautiful here!!!

During my stay, I was able to pick fresh apples from the tree and blueberries every day and I was truly in heaven! What is better than that?

We also were able to collect fresh pasture-raised eggs straight from the farm.  If you cannot find your eggs straight from a farm that you know is feeding the chickens real food and they can roam freely, it is important to look for USDA organic certification and non-GMO certification.

At the wedding, the menu had lobster of course and WOW, the lobster in Maine really is so so tasty! They also had gluten-free and vegan options on the menu. 

As far as airport travel snacks, I brought an Epic Provisions chicken jerky and Nick's Sticks. Epic Provisions have all sorts of options like bars, bites, and skins that come from different sorts of proteins. They advertise on their website that their products are "perfect for the carb conscious snack-seeker." Additionally, I love that the beef, venison, and lamb that are used in their products are all 100% grass-fed. Nick's Sticks are so good and another great protein snack source. They use 100% grass-fed and grass-finished meat to make a variety of products such as; beef sticks, beef sticks with pea protein, spicy beef sticks, turkey sticks, spicy turkey sticks, chicken sticks, and spicy chicken sticks. Nick's Sticks use no MSG, antibiotics, sugar, gluten, nitrates, hormones, or artificial colors. Also, their sticks are keto certified, paleo certified, gluten-free, and whole 30 diet-approved!!

I also took a Pique Tea matcha packet. This is such a great travel secret, to travel with your own teabags! And then you can just ask for hot water at the airport or plane and plus doesn’t cost you anything. It is healthier and cheaper! Pique Tea focuses on delivering concentrated polyphenols in their products because polyphenols are a great antioxidant that is found in plants! They help prevent the harmful effects of stress and so much more! Our teas are a great way to access the benefits such as digestive support, immunity support, weight management, and stress management. Also, you can get 5% off your first order if you follow this link and use the code: LIANA  

Lastly, I also took Evolved Chocolate with me to eat with pistachios. Evolved has so many snack options and their products are all organic, dairy-free, soy-free, and cane sugar-free to ensure you can eat their chocolate without any guilt! 

Of course, I took my Anxiety-Free Supplements with me and offered them to the wedding party in case they had any pre-ceremony nerves! They are a travel must-have and help me with stress and anxiety relief along with cognitive function support! 

My last travel "must-have" is Phresh Greens powder so that I can still have a daily green drink, even on the go! This powder is so helpful! Everything from Phresh Greens is non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free, preservative-free, BPA-free, organic, sugar-free, dairy-free, and caffeine-free. Their powder can go in almost anything like a green drink or juice, added to a salad, or smoothies!!

Maine was so fun and it was amazing to get out of the Virginia humidity.  Everything was perfect and full of great company and friends, fresh seafood, and the best weather.