Follow Along with Me- Sunday Brunch and Art Exhibits

a day of eating aboriginal art anxiety free art exhibit brunch day in the life hu kitchen juice press kluge-ruhe matcha montysnyc pique pique tea siete foods sunbutter supplement taco Mar 30, 2021

Saturday was full of fun adventures, and we only continued on Sunday! We had a slow start to the morning, and began with brunch- one of the best parts of any weekend. We had some Pique Matcha, and I made the most incredible gluten free pancakes, topped with none other than Sunbutter and Monty's Plant-Based Butter. It's hard to go wrong when these items are involved- my favorites! We also added some organic berries and Hu Kitchen Gems. Any day that starts off with pancakes is bound to be a good one!

After brunch, we headed outside and saw some beautiful spring blooms and the largest white mulberry tree in Virginia. Then, we got the opportunity to see the Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art Collection. Who knew the largest aboriginal art exhibition, outside of Australia, is in Charlottesville, VA? How cool! It was so lovely to see this today- all of the pieces were breathtaking, and it made me feel right at home!

Later in the afternoon, we got a sweat in playing tennis. Our favorite fueling items came along too: Pique Tea, Anxiety-Free Supplements, and Sunbutter

Ended the night with a dinner in on the rooftop. We made tacos using Juice Press's plant based taco mix. I have yet to be disappointed by anything Juice Press makes, and this was no exception! We enjoyed Siete Foods grain-free tortillas with the taco mix, veggies, cheese, and some Volley spiked seltzers. 

That's a wrap on this fun, food-filled weekend. I hope you can find inspiration from some of these meals and try them out!