Dubai Food Journal - My top restaurant recommendations!

dubai food food in dubai mediterranean mediterranean food travel Nov 16, 2022

My first day ever in Dubai! We explored “Old Dubai” and had the best Middle Eastern food I’ve ever ever had, wow.

Highly recommend the Arabian Tea House. Save this location if you are visiting Dubai! The tea was next level too, with so many different blends of herbs, flowers, and spices.

For dinner, early in my trip, we had Nammos Dubai. The vibe was nice and loungey. It is located right on the beach. So the view is epic!

The food is just above average because people really go for the atmosphere, not the food as much. The grilled squid was great though, I would recommend that! Nammos also have GLUTEN-FREE bread which is so tasty (most restaurants don’t offer this option nor does it taste good). It came with some olive oil and smashed olives, yum!

There was a Dior collaboration and pop-up which was gorgeous. 

Another restaurant I recommend is Mimi Kakushi. It felt like I just walked back in time to a Japanese restaurant in the 1920s.  So classy! As soon as you walk in you can smell a blend of truffle oil and jasmine, mmm wow! The green tea is next level, that’s always how you know it’s legit Japanese food.

I also recommend COYA Dubai for its fantastic, fun, uplifting vibe, and atmosphere. They're known for their Peruvian food! Nutritionist Maria Marlowe recommends the food here, tasty!

For drinks, I recommend the Rosé. The Rosé is incredible! So far it’s all been from Provenance, France, and it’s impossible to get a bad rosé from there. So, that has been my go-to!

We had the most amazing nourishing lunch at Drift Beach Bar. I would definitely recommend the lunch here, the menu was insane! So many great fresh clean options. The artichoke salad was next level, one of the most delicious salads I’ve ever eaten in my entire life. Truly, 10/10. The octopus was also perfectly cooked, and the greens we asked for were cooked in olive oil instead of butter. I was so stoked about their gluten-free option bread for a starter with some olive oil and actual sea salt. 

The atmosphere at Drift Beach Bar is incredible! The restaurant is right by the pool so you get to experience the outdoor atmosphere. It's so worth it and of course, I brought Liana's Anxiety Free supplements with me! I never travel without it. There are ten natural organic ingredients including ashwagandha, Schisandra, chlorella, and spirulina which nourish your nervous system, gut, and brain so you feel strong and happy every single day!
While in Dubai, I got to be part of a panel discussion on natural health along with Maria Marlowe, acne specialist nutritionist, and Kate Living, who went from working in the pharmaceutical industry to the natural health space. 

I spoke on natural health in regard to treating anxiety:

-Anxiolytic vs anxiogenic foods because you can either reduce anxiety or produce it depending on what category it’s in

- Anxiety is caused by nutritional deficiencies including, omega fatty acids, vitamin D, and magnesium

- You can feel relief from anxiety after one meal if it’s anxiolytic in nature

The overall takeaway is that diet is the same for disease, anxiety, cancer, etc. We recommend a whole-food diet, similar to The Earth Diet and you can customize it based on your bio-individual needs.

The event was held at The Edit a concept store and lifestyle space housing fashion, art, design, events, and a cafe with the most delicious and incredible matcha! Maria has her own very own “Glow by Marlowe” matcha infused with spices. The Cacao Dream is also heavenly, a fusion of matcha and cacao.

My last dinner in Dubai was at Clap Dubai. Clap is a Michelin-Star restaurant with an incredible view, wow! I would recommend ordering the Stone Bowl Vegetables and the Octopus. We celebrated Maria's birthday. I am so glad I got to be with her on her special day!

The food in Dubai was all so amazing! I highly recommend traveling to Dubai and trying out all the unique food, if you get the chance.