Harmful Chemicals Found in Many Commercial Household and Skincare Products

Oct 27, 2020

In today’s world, chemicals are everywhere. Not only are they placed on and in the foods we consume, but they are also in the household, skincare, and many other products we as consumers use. It is so important to be aware of how toxic these chemicals can be to our health and make upgrades to the products we use in our daily lives. 

As best you can, stay away from:

• Synthetic fragrances
• Preservatives
• Additives
• Fillers
• Phthalates
• Petrochemicals
• Petroleum jelly
• Propylene glycol
• Paraffin
• Parabens
• Triclosan
• triclocarban
• Formaldehyde
• Sodium lauryl
• Sodium Laureth sulfate
• Mercury
• Aluminum
• Lead
• Toluene

These chemicals can be found in foundations, lotions, cleansers, lipsticks, lip balms, shower gels, cleansers, shampoos, conditioners, soap, toothpaste, deodorant, body washes, nail polish, polish remover, hair gels, eyelash glues, hand sanitizers, bubble bath, baby shampoo, cleaning products, mascara, tanning lotion, makeup, cosmetics, hair dyes, anti-aging creams, and skin lighteners.

These chemicals in products usually make the product much cheaper, which appeals to consumers, so we buy. But cheap products contain toxic chemical ingredients, like preservatives and fillers. If the products you are using have toxic ingredients it is not worth it to use them! Over 1,200 toxic chemicals that are considered to be unsafe have been banned by the EPA, FDA, and European Union in the past 35 years. These chemicals have been linked to hormone imbalance, organ failure, weak immune systems, cancer, and other diseases.

General tip: Avoid tanning beds and acrylic nails.

Live the most natural lifestyle you possibly can!

Check out the Environmental Working Group website as they constantly update which products are approved and using safe ingredients.