Last Week of January Food Journal In Virginia

antianxiety applegate bhu foods cooks venture dairy-free earth diet gluten free hallstein healthy lianas organics non gmo simple mills so good so you soy free sunbutter wild grain Feb 01, 2022

Another week in Charlottesville and enjoying all of the snow, woo! Here is what I ate for the week!

Dinner on Monday night, I had left over Indian food, Chana Masala. I had frozen the left overs I had for dinner 2 months ago. Freezing dinners you eat out, especially when serving sizes are large are great for meal prepping! 

I also had my homemade chicken noodle soup again, yum! Three days going strong!

On Tuesday, I started the day with chlorophyll and Hallstein water. I love the high quality, hydrating water with added benefits that Hallstein provides. It comes from 700ft below ground, under a layer of rock in Austria. The water has never been exposed to environmental toxins. It has a naturally high pH which helps to return the body back to its natural alkalized state. If you are looking to try Hallstein water, use code LIANA when creating an account at

Today was content day! I love these days. 

For lunch, I had Cooks Venture Chicken with salad. I love Cooks Venture Chicken because it is pasture raised, 100% antibiotic free, and non-GMO. 

I made Simple Mills chocolate cupcakes with a Sunbutter frosting, wow! They were divine! I can't wait to share the recipe with you all. 

I also just got in some So Good So You shots. These shots might be small, but they are mighty and filled with probiotics! All of the shots are certified organic, packed with functional plants, and undergo a high process pressuring to maintain nutrients. They are a woman owned company, love it! 

On Wednesday, I had a breakfast of champions. I had AppleGate turkey bacon, a spinach omelet and Bhu Foods granola with berries. Yum! So filling. The granola is packed with protein and fiber and super low in sugar and grain-free. It is vegan, keto, gluten-free, and non-GMO. Plus, it is free from dairy, egg, gluten, nuts and soy. The treat features chia, sunflower, and pumpkin seeds! 

I had a winter dinner! Organic peanut butter (just peanuts) and some added sea salt. The bread is Wild Grain! Non-GMO sourdough made with unbleached wheat. 

This was my breakfast on Thursday morning!

I had Cooks Venture chicken and a salad again Thursday afternoon. 

For dinner, I had gluten-free and dairy-free crab cakes. I had almond crusted turmeric chicken tenders. I also had coconut basil sweet potato fries and green beans. These recipes are in all of my books! The dessert is the apple crumble recipe in the Earth Diet book! 

On Friday, I made homemade hot chocolate with cacao, Milkadamia creamer and raw honey. 

I had some Mid-Day Squares. Yum! All natural and organic, love these ingredients! At checkout, use the code EARTHDIET15 for a discount, yay!

This weekend I made a blueberry cashew cheesecake. So refreshing, wow!

This was my breakfast, so filling!

I had some Gruvi drinks, which is craft, non-alcoholic beers and wine. Your health is wealth and your drink choice shouldn't compromise that!

Enjoyed some Snow Days while watching football this weekend! These organic pizza bites are made with high quality organic non-gmo ingredients, are grain-free, gluten-free and use grass-fed dairy, plus free of preservatives. They are an epic organic upgrade for traditional pizza bites we all know and love! Click this link and use the code LIANA to save $15 on your first order.

I use chlorophyll drops everyday in my Hallstein water. Hallstein water is high-quality, hydrating water for even more added health benefits! Hallstein water is said to be the most beneficial drinking water on Earth. In addition, I also believe chlorophyll is the #1 most powerful and transformative health hack known to human kind. It’s instant energy! Chlorophyll increases flow of oxygen throughout the body. It is a subtle daily detox! Chlorophyll cleanses the body of toxins. Chlorophyll drops are a quick way to get your dark leafy greens in! It is an extract from dark leafy greens. 

If you are looking to try Hallstein water use code LIANA when creating an account at and at checkout to receive a FREE case of 6 bottles shipped directly to your door.

At church, we had hot, fresh, donuts! Wow, so cool! They were delicious and made with organic eggs, flour and spices. 

This was my dinner, yum!

Another dinner at home! 

Mhmmm, I love baking! The smell of the house, wow!

My daily green juice!