My Segment on ABC New Good Morning Washington Making Two Plant-Based Holiday Drinks made with Milkadamia Milk

abc news cooking gluten free holiday macadamia nut milkadamia nut milk plant based recipes segment the earth diet tv Dec 16, 2021

This week I was on ABC News Good Morning Washington D.C. sharing plant-based recipe ideas for the Holidays. Ingredients matter when it comes to making tasty homemade plant-based recipes! I shared how to make two plant-based holiday drinks, a Vegan Egg Nog and Hot Chocolate. I will share the Hot Chocolate recipe with you below. 

The Hot Chocolate is made by: simmering Milkadamia, a creamy delicious, vegan milk, with pHresh Products cacao powder, sweetened with Red Belly Honey infused with CBD, a dash of Redmond Life salt, some organic vanilla extract, and milkadamia creamer. Add all the ingredients then froth them with a frother! 

The key to making a creamy vegan hot chocolate is the milk. I love milkadamia because it’s so incredibly creamy (especially the creamer), delicious, and cleanly made with macadamia nuts. Macadamia nuts help reduce inflammation in the digestive system. Plant-based milk, like Milkadamia, is generally lower in fat, cholesterol, and calories than whole milk, plus they contain zero hormones. Macadamia milk is the better option for anyone following a keto diet.

The Hot Chocolate recipe is from my book Anxiety-Free with Food and here it is below: 


1 cup Milkadamia plant-based milk
1 tablespoon Phresh Products cacao powder
1 tablespoon Red Belly Honey or maple syrup

1. Add all of the ingredients to a pot, bring to a boil then simmer. Use a frother to make it nice and frothy. Enjoy!

My book and a carton of milkadamia with some cacao powder would make an epic Christmas gift! 

I also made Egg Nog during the segment. You can make it yourself from scratch or buy a “Veg Nog” that is incredibly tasty, and without the raw egg! Milkadamia has a delicious Veg Nog.

You can catch a full replay of the segment on ABC News Good Morning Washington here: