My Top 12 Products/Foods from the Winter Fancy Food Show!

cleveland kitchen earth diet fancy food show foodearth healthy natural products nelly's organics sunbutter top products winter fancy food show Feb 14, 2022

I had a great time last week at the Specialty Food Association Winter Fancy Food Show! The Specialty Food Association started the “Fancy Food” shows in 1952 And it happens every summer and every winter. This time the Winter edition was held in Las Vegas. Everyone seems so happy to be back at a food show, with vibrant energy and it was quite a lively event! The Summer Fancy Food Show will be in NYC.

I always love going to the food shows and finding new Earth Diet-approved brands for you guys. These are all-natural by nature, and Earth Diet foods! 

Here are my Top 12 Finds...

1. Sunbutter The organic roasted sunflower seed butter has a delicious flavor and a much healthier option than peanut butter and almond butter (yes almonds are incredibly unsustainably grown) and there is so much you can do with Sunbutter including eating it with apple, dried mango, or in recipes like Chocolate Sunbutter Cups, Brownies, Thai Chicken Pizza, Satay Noodles and more! 

Learn more about Sunbutter here:
2. Milkadamia, Macadamia nut milk (dairy-free) from high vibe macadamias grown on free-range trees in Australia! Their booth is always so magical to visit, there are new products each time! Their products are creamy and delicious, and this time they had a soft serve machine and wow the most creamy and smooth vegan ice cream made from macadamia nuts!  I was mind blown and others were saying it’s the best vegan soft serve they’ve ever had!

Learn more about Milkdamia here:

Frooze balls! A new one you haven’t seen me post about yet! These are a new snack food I just discovered. 100% plant-powered snacks that are both good for us and the planet. Their Frooze Balls are made with real, whole food in recyclable packaging. Sweetened with dates and made with wholesome ingredients you can recognize. The Chocolate Hazelnut Balls were my favorite! They also have Peanut Butter & Jelly, Blueberry Crumble, Lemon Cheesecake, Cranberry, Salted Caramel, and more! 

Learn more about Frooze Balls here:
Remedy drinks! This was my first time trying Remedy, a plant-based protein shake, and immunity shots. The chocolate one made with cacao was delicious and had 14 grams of protein per serving. Also sweetened with coconut sugar, so no stevia flavor backlash! They are fully organic and add adaptogens and other superfoods to their drinks. So great for a busy morning breakfast or afternoon pick-me-up.

Learn more about Remedy here:

5. I stopped by to see the Food Earth booth! Food Earth has ready-made plant-based meals. They are so delicious and full of nutrients. They are USDA certified, gluten-free, and vegan certified. They are microwaveable but also have an option for a frying pan which I do! Food Earth is the perfect meal for a busy workday. 

Learn more about Food Earth here:

6. Organic honey from Savanah Bee Company!  This is mind-blowing, honey from bees that were NOT fed sugar water! I have been looking for honey that is pure like this. Most beekeepers do unfortunately feed their bees “sugar water” made of white sugar and water, or corn syrup and water  They say it doesn’t matter what you feed the bees, but that doesn’t sit right with me. The owner Ted of Savanah Bee Company explained to me that the bees make enough honey to feed themselves, it’s up to the beekeepers to leave the honey in the beehive, rather than remove ALL of the honey and then have to feed them sugar water. Ted is a purist which is why this is his approach, I’m so grateful! He has kept bees for over 40 years! For other beekeepers out there he said to leave the “fall honey” in the hive for the bees to live off, and that it doesn’t taste good for us anyway. Bees make a surplus of honey, for this reason, to ensure their survival. Bees make any extra 7 gallons on average per colony. So they feed on that. See haha they don’t need us at all! They just need us to get out of the way! Nature is so intelligent, so we don’t need to interfere or do anything to have amazing honey and no need to make sugar water and pollute the pure bee’s little bodies! This honey is also so special and delicious because it’s from the mountains in Spain, in between Spain and Portugal, which grow wild lavender and the entire mountain turns purple and the bees go collect the nectar from this beautiful purple lavender field and then make the honey.

Learn more about Savannah Bee Co here:

7. Suntein is a new vegan protein made with just one ingredient: sunflower seeds! This is revolutionary. And it’s new so you haven’t heard about it yet. It makes a great replacement for meat and is much healthier than many of the other vegan meats on the market. 

Learn more about Suntein here:

8. Nelly’s Organic candy bars are way better for us! Made with wholesome and good quality ingredients. Low in sugar and an epic upgrade to conventional candy bars. 

Learn more about Nelly's here:

9. Carbone the new Rao’s! We all know how epically tasty Rao’s sauce is. Carbonne is quite similar in taste, also epically delicious however it is certified Non-GMO! This has been missing from Rao’s and I’m so excited to finally have found a replacement! 

Learn more about Carbone here:

10. Cleveland kitchen! World-class culinary fermented foods. Fermented foods are regularly consumed within European and Asian cultures and they have invested in finding a way for American consumers to simply (and deliciously) do the same. They have a range of products from Kraut to Kimchi, Dressings to Pickles, enjoying the gut-health benefits of fermented foods has never been tastier (or easier).

Learn more about Cleveland Kitchen here:

11. Brad’s Organics offers a line of products that not only taste great but are made with the purest ingredients. Experience a peace of mind that comes from wholesome, organic foods made without genetically modified ingredients. With over 200 items, we are sure to have something for everybody! They are famous for their kale chips which made it mainstream and found in CVS! 

Learn more about Brad's Organics here:

12. Edward and Sons miso soup! Edward and Sons were born out of a commitment to creating delicious vegetarian foods with convenient preparation for those with busy, health-aware lifestyles. They travel the world tasting regional foods, sourcing the finest ingredients, and partnering with reliable, ethical farmers, packers, and food artisans to create our unique range of organic vegetarian specialties. Their organic miso soup is divine and I haven’t been able to enjoy one as good at any restaurant! Homemade and incredibly delicious. 

Learn more about Edwards and Sons here:

P.S I took my supplements, I never miss a day of taking them! Nourishment for the nervous system.