My Top 20 Products from the Summer Fancy Food Show 2022

gluten free foods new york food organic plant based food trade shows upgrades vegan food Jun 16, 2022

I had an amazing day at the Specialty Food Association Summer Fancy Food Show this week in NYC! I tried a lot of awesome new products along with some of my long-time favorites. This was the first time the show was back in NYC since the pandemic and it was great to be back! Here are my top 20 finds of the show…

1. Carbone

Carbone sells delicious Non-GMO tomato sauce! 🍅 Carbone originated in their world-famous homemade Italian restaurant in NYC. Now their sauce is sold on shelves nationwide and online as well. Carbone is one of the only homemade style AND Non-GMO tomato sauces on the market today. It IS the new Rao’s.

Learn more about Carbone here:

2. Loi

Loi is a brand all the way from Greece! They sell a variety of products including, olive oils, teas, herbs, pasta, and vinegar. My favorite product was their organic herbs! Choosing organic herbs is so important, many unnecessary chemicals are added to conventional herbs these days. The lemon verbena grows wild in the fields of Greece.  This fragrant, lemony herb is perfect for culinary uses and is known for its soothing digestive properties since Ancient Greece. 

 Learn more about Loi here:

3. Edward and sons

Edward and Sons is an online retailer offering a wide variety of natural and organic products. They are well known for their coconut milk items made without fillers and gums like many canned coconut products on the market. I was most excited about their coconut curry milk product! You just heat the milk with lentils, add veggies, or add to a soup for extra flavor. So great and no weird ingredients. 

Learn more about Edward and Sons here:

4. Suntein

Suntein makes a high protein, functional plant-based protein flour. Free of the top 8 allergens and made from 100 percent Sunflower kernels. The flour contains 9 essential amino acids and is highly nutrient-dense.

 Learn more about Suntein here:

5. Amasar

Amasar uses breadfruit flour in its products. Breadfruit is 100 percent gluten-free and makes excellent flour. Amasar sells flour, pancake mix, and coffee creamer. Breadfruit grows on trees in tropical climates and is very environmentally friendly to produce. It’s an excellent source of fiber and contains the 20 essential amino acids, very impressive!

Learn more about Amasar here:

6. Primal kitchen

Primal Kitchen offers a variety of products. Including sauces, oils, and now dips, all made with clean, organic, and mainly dairy-free, and gluten-free ingredients. They recently launched a new line of dairy-free dips, including queso. I am so excited to try it out!

Learn more about Primal Kitchen here:

7. Honey Gramz Honey

New York honey! I was excited to see a local & raw honey company at the show! This honey is sourced in New York and is a woman-owned business. The Creamy Chocolate Pomegranate Honey was divine! Also, the owner also started a beauty line where she has honey in the products. 

Learn more about Honey Gramz here:

8. Mount Mansfield Maple Syrup

Maple syrup from the Vermont Green Mountains. They have been producing the finest maple syrup for generations. Sourced on their certified organic farm of 1,000 acres.  Their maple syrup is 100% pure. It's the real deal, with nothing added or removed, and they focus on the environment by having a highly efficient operation to source the syrup. 

Learn more about Mount Mansfield Maple Syrup here:

9. YM Seaweed

Organic seaweed! The first and only seaweed factory on the East Coast! They provide freshly roasted seaweed and it’s organic. Seaweed is so nutrient-dense for us and a great snack. YM Seaweed sells these snack and they also provide seaweed to sushi restaurants as a wholesaler. 

Learn more about YM Seaweed here:

10. SunButter

A long-time favorite of mine, SunButter is made from just one ingredient: roasted sunflower seeds! It is free of the top-8 allergens and contains high amounts of iron and magnesium, and sunflower seeds are also anti-inflammatory. Plus, sunflowers are highly sustainable compared to almonds. So it makes a great alternative to nut butter, especially for those with allergies or if you just love sunflower seeds, you will love SunButter. 

Learn more about SunButter here:

11. The Hampton Grocer

Hampton Grocer makes delicious granola! They use all organic ingredients made with real, whole foods, and sweetened with honey. So many granolas have hidden added sugar, so this granola is an excellent option if you are a granola lover. They have a variety of unique flavors, and a grain-free option too! 

Learn more about Hampton Grocer here:

12. Cleveland Kitchen

World-class culinary fermented foods. Fermented foods are regularly consumed within European and Asian cultures and they have invested in finding a way for American consumers to simply (and deliciously) do the same. They have a range of products from Kraut to Kimchi, Dressings to Pickles, enjoying the gut-health benefits of fermented foods has never been tastier (or easier).

Learn more about Cleveland Kitchen here:

13. Rind

Rind makes delicious, non-GMO dried fruit snacks. These are an epic upgrade for traditional fruit snack. They offer a variety of fruits and their newest products are fruit "chips." I love that they use no added sugar, its just the fruit which is hard to find these days! 

Learn more about Rind here:

14. Spindrift

Spindrift is one of the cleanest sparkling waters I have seen to date. Made with real fresh-squeezed fruit for flavor and nothing else added. The waters have a color to them which is how you can tell if the flavoring is natural or genetically modified. Sparkling waters that have fruit flavors and are clear, typically have been made with fake flavorings. 

Learn more about Spindrift here:

15. Zolli Pops

Known as the "clean teeth candy," Zolli Pops comes in a variety of flavors and types of candy. Sweetened with stevia, and colored with turmeric, red beet, spirulina, and blueberry juice. This is an excellent upgrade from traditional candy. 

Learn more about Zolli Pops here:

16. Real Cookies

Real Cookies sells healthy cookies! They are gluten-free, grain-free, paleo-friendly, plant-based, dairy-free, and kosher, wow! These are epic cookies. Made with a nut flour blend, and sweetened with maple syrup, these cookies are an excellent upgrade if you are a cookie lover!

Learn more about Real Cookies here:

17. Remedy Organics

I tried Remedy at the Winter Fancy Food Show and though they were so delicious, I needed to share again! They make a plant-based protein shake and immunity shots. The chocolate one made with cacao was delicious and had 14 grams of protein per serving. Also sweetened with coconut sugar, so no stevia flavor backlash! They are fully organic and add adaptogens and other superfoods to their drinks. So great for a busy morning breakfast or afternoon pick-me-up.

Learn more about Remedy Organics here:

18. Lily Bean

Lily Bean sells gluten-free and vegan baking mixes. Offering a variety of cupcakes, cookies, brownies, pancakes, and even pizza crust. Their gluten-free flour is nut-free, and sweetened with natural sweetener. These are an awesome upgrade and they are a Virginia made company! Woo!

Learn more about Lily Bean here:

19. Raaka Chocolate

I am so excited about this chocolate! There are so many chocolate brands today, but not many that are organic, pure cacao, dairy-free, AND sweetened with natural sweeteners. Raaka is epic, they just use cacao beans, and cacao butter, and depending on the flavor they will use the real fruit, for example, organic strawberry in the bar shown here! A must-try!

Learn more about Raaka Chocolate here:

20. Pop Bitties

Pop Bitties are ancient grain chips and they are delicious! Made with non-GMO ingredients, these are definitely an upgrade for conventional chips. They offer 7 different varieties, each is delicious, however, the Himalayan Salt was my favorite because there is no added sugar. If you are looking for a chip upgrade, I recommend trying these out!

Learn more about Pop Bitties here:

Of course, I had to bring my Liana's Organics Anxiety-Free Supplements along to the show. I take these every day to help me stay relaxed and boost immunity, especially with all the summer travels to fun shows like Fancy Food! Summer Fancy was a great time, I am looking forward to Winter Fancy Food in 2023!