My Top 44 Products From Expo East 2022

expo east expo east natural products natural products non gmo non gmo food non gmo products Oct 05, 2022

I recently attended Expo East in Philadelphia, USA. It’s the largest natural foods and product expo on the east coast of America. Each year this show provides at least three major opportunities. First, an opportunity for us to see our favorite healthy brands, to say hi, and see if they have any new products out. Second, to meet new companies that are showcasing their foods or products. Lastly, to meet the people in the food industry, my friends and colleagues, and the amazing people behind the natural health industry. Needless to say, I live for these events and they are all my happy place.

At each event, I’m on the hunt for new and existing products that add to our life for the better. There were 1,167 exhibitors showcasing their products at Expo East this year, and over 29,000 people were in attendance. 
If you want to change your life these products will help you do it. Below I am going to share my Expo East experience which also includes my Top 44 picks from the show. 

Liana’s Top 44 Picks:

1. Good Food For Good

They are known for their epic ketchup and sauces. The entire sauce line especially the butter chicken is epic, but the ketchup is what really stood out to me. Why? Because it’s organic and sweetened with dates. Most organic ketchup is sweetened with agave or cane sugar. I highly recommend upgrading your ketchup!

Learn more about Good Food For Good here:

2. Dream Pops

Their products have a coconut milk base and are sweetened with only coconut sugar. If you are looking for a dessert upgrade that you could enjoy daily- dream pops are it!” Not all because some have cane sugar now. Say how my favorite is the berry ice cream bites and the cookie dough ice cream bites. 

Learn more about Dream Pops here:

3. Stokes Fire Starters

Looking for all-natural fire starters? Get them here! Made with only three ingredients. The brand's values are to burn for longer, be easy to light, and be healthy for you and the environment. Also, Stokes founder, Adam Liszewski, is only 22 years old and he started the brand in high school - how inspiring! 

Learn more about Stokes Fire Starters here:

4. Primal Kitchen

They create amazing dressings, marinades, mayos, and any kind of sauce you can think of. These sauces are made with clean and simple ingredients. The newest product they were featuring is their squeezable mayo which included mayo, chipotle mayo, and buffalo mayo. I am looking forward to trying these products out!

Learn more about Primal Kitchen here:

5. CHi Foods

CHi Foods makes plant-based ground pork! I love that they are using the ancient superfood Sacha Inchi which I call the new "peanuts," however they are actually a seed, not a nut! Sacha Inchi is such a versatile seed. The benefits of Sacha Inchi include improving cholesterol levels, aiding in weight loss, improve gut health, and they are far more sustainable to grow than nuts. It is divine and the cleanest plant-based “meat” I have seen on the market yet. CHi is available in 4 flavors including, CHi-Rizo, Italian Herb, Maple Sage, and Original.

Learn more about CHi Foods here:

6. Food Earth

I discovered Food Earth last year at Expo East, woo! They have ready-made plant-based meals. They are nutrient-dense and delicious! These shelf-stable, organic, pre-packaged meals are amazing for busy days. They are great for life on the go. I have even traveled with them in my carry-on luggage. They have many flavors such as eggplant curry, chickpea curry, split lentil curry, vegetable biryani, and more! I know some of you will say, eating from a microwave is not good, and I agree it is never ideal, however eating hotel food that is cooked with a microwave is worse than eating real food heated in a microwave. Sometimes we have to choose the lesser worst thing when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle! You can also heat Food Earth on a stove which is what I do when I eat them. 

Learn more about Food Earth here:

7. Dr. Bronner's

Dr. Bronners is one of the OG health brands. They are known for their amazing soap that has 18 uses in 1. And now they make chocolate now! They just launched their new Cool Peppermint Cream Chocolate Bar. This chocolate bar is divine! It is 70% cocoa, all vegan, sweetened with coconut sugar, and perfectly blended! There are lots of different flavors to choose from. Highly recommend!

Learn more about Dr. Bronner's here:

8. Remedy Organics

Remedy Organics is a line of 100% plant-based protein beverages using the finest superfoods, Ayurveda, botanical herbs, and probiotics. The drinks are delicious and packed with protein and yes, the drinks come in the large size shown here. I love the Matcha Fuel and Chocolate Keto flavors!

Learn more about Remedy Organics here:

9. Snow Days 

Snow Days are grain-free pizza bites! They are an amazing, organic upgrade to the traditional pizza bites we all know and love! The bites also come in four other delicious flavors, Buffalo Chicken, Cheese, Sausage, and Veggie. They are excellent to have in the freezer on days when you are super busy and working from home or at the office. HumanCo created Snow Days to help people relive the happiness and joy that snow days created for us during our school years. They are passionate about creating products that help people live healthier lives. Click this link and use the code LIANA10 for 10% offfor first customers. Give Snow Days a try you won't regret it!

Learn more about Snow Days here:

10. Sunbutter

SunButter comes from organic roasted sunflower seed butter and has a delicious flavor! SunButter is a much healthier option when compared to peanut butter and almond butter. It has less saturated fat, and more vitamin E, and is also high in zinc, phosphorus, and iron. It is so versatile! You can eat it with dried mangos, apples, or in recipes like Satay Noodles or Chocolate SunButter Cups. Yum! Their booth is always so cheery and vibrant.

Learn more about Sunbutter here:

11. Phresh Greens

Phresh Greens makes raw alkalizing superfoods. Their powder can go in almost anything like a green drink or juice, added to a salad, or smoothies! This powder is so helpful and convenient for getting your green drink in. It is so easy and convenient especially when traveling and on the go. It contains a variety of organic greens including broccoli sprouts, alfalfa grass and sprouts, barley grass, chlorella, kale powder, spirulina, spinach, and more! In my book, Cancer-Free with Food, I share how broccoli sprouts are the #1 anti-cancer food! This is the easiest way to alkalize your body and it's non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, free of pesticides or herbicides, and no preservatives.  New at Expo East I tried their greens gummies for the first time! They tasted great and are low in sugar, an epic way to get more greens into your kids' diets. 

Learn more about Phresh Greens here:

12. Pri Australian Manuka Honey

Pri Manuka sells manuka honey that is 100% sourced from New Zealand and Australia! Aside from jars of honey, they sell other products including chocolate and skincare made with honey. Manuka honey is special in that it's antibacterial and bacteria resistant. It is great to use on skin for acne and cuts, but also just as great to eat! They also have new honey chocolates sweetened with nothing else but Manuka honey. They come in multiple flavors such as salted caramel, coffee, raspberry, mint, ginger, and orange. So delicious!

Learn more about Pri Manuka Honey here:

13. Bragg Apple Cider

Bragg, a long-time favorite of mine, and the OG of Apple Cider Vinegar! Aside from Apple Cider Vinegar, Bragg also sells Nutritional Yeast, Olive Oil, and many other amazing, organic, natural products. Their newest products include pre-made apple cider vinegar drinks; a great source of prebiotics and probiotics. These on-the-go ACV drinks do not need to be diluted, you can grab them and go! They are already mixed. They also sell Apple Cider Vinegar capsules if you do not like the taste of apple cider vinegar. So worth it!

Learn more about Bragg here:

14. Suntein

Suntein makes a high-protein, functional plant-based protein flour out of sunflower seeds. Free of the top 8 allergens and made from 100 percent Sunflower kernels. The flour contains 9 essential amino acids and is highly nutrient-dense. They also make a texturized vegan protein that turns into an epic "meat" when soaked in water. 

Learn more about Suntein here:

15. Evolved Chocolate

Evolved Chocolate is gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and organic. Additionally, they have all sorts of flavors and kinds of chocolates; such as spreads or keto peanut butter cup. Epic upgrade for traditional chocolate bars! Their latest product is brownie batter cups, they are so delicious and taste just like brownie batter. An excellent way to curb your sweet tooth. 

Learn more about Evolved here:

16. Milkadamia

Milkadamia is a dairy-free nut milk that comes from high-vibe macadamias grown on free-range trees in Australia! Their products are creamy and delicious. I have enjoyed their products for many years now. Be on the lookout for Milkadamia ice cream debuting in February 2023! It is next-level delicious, tasty and divine - wow

Learn more about Milkadamia here:

17. Strong Roots

Strong Roots was a new one for me! They are on a mission to provide plant-based positive food choices for everyone, now. Their marketing is amazing! It is "recycle the past, feed the future!" They provide lots of veggie options to elevate your meals. Strong Roots products are great to have in the freezer for busy days and they can be heated in an air fryer or stove top over the microwave. 

Learn more about Strong Roots here:

18. I Eat My Greens

Another new product alert! I Eat My Greens offers plant-powered soups. They are non-GMO, dairy-free, gluten-free, and nutrient dense. They have a variety of soups and they are so tasty! Great for a quick and easy meal that is high in key nutrients. 

Learn more about I Eat My Greens here:

19. Sovereign Silver

Sovereign Silver is an epic brand! They have been around for years and make a variety of products for healing that contain colloidal silver. They now have products with copper, too! When I was healing I used colloidal silver and I always recommend it to my patients. It's great for cuts and scrapes too. Sovereign Silver is something everyone needs to keep in their house!

Learn more about Sovereign Silver here:

20. Bon Appesweet

They have zero added sugar and zero sugar alcohol chocolates. Bon Appesweet sweetens their chocolates with dates. I rarely see chocolates sweetened with dates, so legit! They have a variety of chocolate bars to choose from. All are plant-based, vegan, non-GMO, and organic. 

Learn more about Bon Appesweet here:

21. Midday Squares

 Midday Squares is the first functional chocolate bar I have seen. Think chocolate bar and protein bar mixed together. They are epic! Midday Squares are gluten-free, contain non-GMO chocolate, vegan dairy-free, soy free, and are a great choice for glycemic control. Highly recommend these squares to satisfy that chocolate craving and help get more protein in your diet!

Learn more about Midday Squares here:

22. Pur Gum

Pur Gum is all about promoting healthier lifestyle choices by removing artificial sweeteners and flavors from gum! The gum is 100% sweetened with 100% xylitol which is one of the lowest natural sweeteners on the glycemic index. Pur is vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, and nut/peanut free. High-quality gum, yay!

Learn more about Pur Gum here:

23. Siete

Siete is a company I have followed for a while now! They have grain-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, vegan, and non-GMO wraps available. They use simple ingredients like water, Cassava Flour, Tapioca Flour, Avocado Oil, Coconut Flour, Arrowroot Flour, Apple Cider Vinegar, Coconut Sugar, Sea Salt, and yeast, that's it. Their chips are grain-free and made with simple ingredients as well! Great snacking options! At the show, I got to try their shortbread cookies and refried beans.

Learn more about Siete here:

24. Nourish Cold Press Juice

Nourish provides organic beverages that help connect the health of their body to the health of the planet. Nourish's juices are high quality, cold-pressed, and certified USDA organic. In addition, the juices are gluten-free, contain no artificial flavors, and are not sweetened with cane sugar they are made with straight-up vegetables and fruits. These juices are epic and great for getting in your daily green drink!

Learn more about Nourish Juice here:

25. Nuttzo

Nuttzo is a 7 nut and seed butter! There are different varieties and flavors of this epic butter. These butters are 100% organic, non-GMO, and made with only 2 grams of sugar. The sugar is coconut sugar might I add. These are great sources of protein and truly filling! They also now make a protein bar for quick energy on the go. 

Learn more about Nuttzo here:

26. Native Forest

I was excited to see organic jackfruit from Native Forest! Jackfruit has a meaty texture that makes an excellent meat replacement. It goes well in many plant-based dishes. Native Forest offers a variety of organic canned goods including coconut milk. Edwards & Sons carries the Native Forest brand and was at the show sharing Native Forest products.  

Learn more about Native Forest here:

27. Against the Grain

Against the Grain makes EPIC gluten-free pizza crust, bread, and more. They have recently become one of my favorites for gluten-free pizza. New for this year, they took the canola oil out of their products and replaced it with olive oil which is amazing! 

Learn more about Against the Grain here:

28. Cosmic Bliss

Cosmic Bliss formerly known as Coconut Bliss has organic plant-based ice cream and their newest addition, organic, grass-fed dairy ice cream. Sweetened with coconut sugar, they are low glycemic and also gluten-free, with no weird ingredients. They are committed to sustainability, transparency, and to all diet preferences. Cosmic Bliss is so creamy and all of the flavors are decadent and satisfying.

Learn more about Cosmic Bliss here:

29. Lesser Evil

Lesser Evil is a brand that has created amazing, organic & non-GMO upgrades for conventional popcorn, cheese puffs, and cookies! They use minimal ingredients that are all primarily plant-based. The newest product they were showcasing at the Expo is "Space Balls." These were delicious and are available in a cinnamon flavor as well as a "cheese" flavor. If you love popcorn or cheese puffs, check out Lesser Evil! 

Learn more about Lesser Evil here:

30. Caulipower

Caulipower makes a variety of gluten-free products using cauliflower as the main ingredient as an alternative to wheat. Including pizzas, chicken nuggets, tortillas, and more. Caulipower has amazing products that are a great alternative to gluten. They also give you more nutrients in your meal than a lot of other gluten-free products since they are using cauliflower as the base. 

Learn more about Caulipower here:

31. Beessential

A new brand I discovered and am very excited about! Beessential makes lotions, soaps, lip care, and more all from beeswax and honey and a few other natural ingredients like coconut oil. It is hard to find soaps that are made with quality natural ingredients and Beeessential is one of them!

Learn more about Beessential here:

32. Fabalish

I discovered Fabalish for the first time last month at the Plant-Based World Expo and I become hooked! They make AMAZING all organic plant-based and nut-free dips like queso all from chickpeas! They also make gluten-free and organic falafels from chickpeas and added veggies- they are delicious. I have never seen anything like it. This brand is amazing, a must-try if you like falafel!

Learn more about Fabalish here:

33. Joolies Dates 

This product is amazing! Organic dates straight from California. Dates are a healthy and tasty natural sweetener. I love to use dates in place of refined sugar. Joolies is focused on bringing joy and excitement to snackers everywhere. Their dates are hand-picked and Joolies put sustainability at the forefront. These dates are worth it!

Learn more about Joolies here:

34. Frooze Balls 

Froozeballs are 100% plant-powered snacks that are both good for us and the planet. Frooze Balls are sweetened with dates and made with wholesome ingredients you recognize. They have a variety of flavors, including Peanut Butter & Jelly, Peanut Butter & Chocolate, and Blueberry Crumble to name a few. 

Learn more about Frooze Balls here:

35. Big Picture Foods 

Big Picture Foods is an epic company focused on sustainability and regenerative farming. They use natural fermentation rather than pesticides. They harvest organic olives, peppers, capers, and more. Big Picture has a vision and I fully stand by its mission to change our food system. 

Learn more about Big Picture Food here:

36. Evive 

Evive makes pre-frozen smoothie packs that you can use to make a smoothie without a blender. So cool! Perfect for busy days on the go or for a daily smoothie to pack fruits, veggies, and superfoods into your diet. They use all organic ingredients and each bag has a variety of different fruits and vegetables. The texture and taste were incredible! 

Learn more about Evive here:

37. Yumy Candy 

Yum Candy is a healthier, plant-based low-sugar candy, with only 3 g of sugar per bag! This candy is a great upgrade from traditional candy. It does not contain toxic ingredients such as refined sugar. I got to try all three gummy bear flavors and they were epic. I highly recommend if you're looking for candy without the side of guilt or the buzz of refined sugar.

Learn more about Yumy Candy here:

38. Cappello's 

They create grain-free/gluten-free pizzas, pasta, and cookie doughs. They use simple ingredients (that you can pronounce) like almond flour, cage-free eggs, coconut milk and oil, cassava flour, arrowroot flour, organic maple syrup, psyllium husk, unfiltered apple cider vinegar, tapioca flour, honey, and sea salt. Capello's has so many different pizza options, a variety of pasta, and several cookie dough flavors. They just came out with a new low-carb pizza and it was delicious! Great if you are following the keto diet. 

Learn more about Cappello's here:

39. Force Of Nature 

Force of Nature meats is epic! They sell ground beef, steaks, bison, and now even boar! They are a step above grass-fed, they raise 100% regenerative grass-fed beef, where their animals are truly pasture-raised and not fed any grains. This is even a step above Organic. They are living in their natural state and are the healthiest meat we could possibly consume. Force of Nature can be found in select groceries throughout the U.S. and online.

Learn more about Force of Nature here:

40. That’s It

That's It is dedicated to making healthy snacks with simple and easy ingredients from plants. Their fruit bars are created with only two ingredients, that's it! Their products are all non-GMO, vegan, kosher, paleo, whole 30 certified, gluten-free, and free from the top 12 food allergen groups. We got to try their new coffee energy bar. It was epic and a great snacking option!

Learn more about That's It here:

41. Meatless Farm

Meatless Farm makes fresh and frozen plant-based "meat" products. This is one of the first plant-based meats I have tried and truly enjoyed. Their chicken nuggets taste just like chicken, they're awesome! Meatless Farm is soy-free which is a huge upgrade as most plant-based meats contain soy. They are also gluten-free and made with all non-GMO ingredients. If you are looking for plant-based meat to add to your kitchen I highly recommend Meatless Farm, they have a wide variety of meats to choose from. 

Learn more about Meatless Farm here:

42. Oatly

Oatly makes dairy-free milk from oats! Oat milk can be very controversial however I believe it is still a major upgrade for dairy milk. Their soft serve is so epic! It is the first dairy-free soft serve I have tried that is creamy and has the perfect flavor. I don’t care what people say about oat milk, this soft serve is next level and it’s a major upgrade from conventional. If this was at McDonald’s instead of their soft serve people would be better off! 

Learn more about Oatly here:

43.  Manitoba Harvest

Manitoba Harvest is a company that makes products from hemp! They have a variety of products including hemp hearts, protein powders, protein bars, and more. Hemp is a complete source of plant-based protein and offers amazing benefits for the brain like healthy omega-3s! Manitoba products are all non-GMO and they are also a carbon-neutral company. 

Learn more about Manitoba Harvest here:

44. Del Origen

Del Origen makes healthier versions of our favorite foods including cheese sticks, cheese breads, and more! They use gluten-free flour and all-natural ingredients. Originating in Colombia, Del Origen has become a popular brand internationally. Plus, their booth was so fun and vibrant!

Learn more about Origen here:

And that's a wrap! What an epic time in Philly at Expo East! I always look forward to this show and can't wait for 2023!