My Top Earth Diet Approved Restaurants in NYC

baby brasa bareburger eay by chloe epistrophy nyc erin mckennas bakery juice press le botaniste le pain quotidien new york restaurant sakara saraka life tamsang the earth diet top 10 Mar 15, 2021

After 11 years of living in NYC, I found so many amazing Earth Diet-approved restaurants. These quickly became my weekly hot spots! I’m sharing my top 10 favorite spots for you to try next time you are in the city and looking for a natural or organic meal. 

1. Le Botaniste: A plant-based, Organic, and sustainable food & wine bar. I love their veggie sushi roll and warming soups in the winter. 

2. Juice Press: My go-to Organic juice spot in the city! They have amazing juices and smoothies. They also sell packaged salads and soups for a ready-to-go meal. With over 64 locations in the city, they make getting fresh green juice highly accessible. 

3. Baby Brasa: Natural and organic Peruvian food and a city hot spot! My favorite dish here is the wild salmon with roasted Brussels sprouts and yucca fries.

4. Bareburger: Amazing all-natural, grass-fed beef, chicken burgers, bison burgers, and great plant-based options as well. Plus, delicious fries and vegan milkshakes! 

5. Eat by Chloe: All vegan, amazing plant-based burgers. I am also a big fan of their air-fried french fries, so no oil is used! So amazing. 

6. Erin Mckenna's Bakery: This bakery makes delicious donuts and other baked goods. All gluten-free, vegan, and only sweetened with agave, a staple for my sweet tooth!

7. Sakara Life: Not a physical spot, but I ordered their ready-made, plant-based, Organic meals weekly to have on hand. They were founded in NYC. Use my code: XOLiana for 20% off your first order.

8. Tamsang: My go-to Thai place! Organic and delicious Pad Thai noodles, great comfort food! Can you believe it?! Organic Thai!

9. Epistrophy NYC:  The best organic Italian in NYC that I know of, they make all of their pasta in-house, and use organic ingredients!

10. Le Pain Quotidien: Delicious gluten-free handmade bread and cafe items like avocado toasts. 

Next time you are in NYC and looking for a healthy spot to eat, refer back to this blog! All of these restaurants are either Organic, all-natural, or locally sourced. When I was living in the city these were apart of my weekly rotation. Enjoy!