My Visit to The White House

anxiety-free anxiety-free with food christmas hu kitchen president sunbutter supplements the white house Feb 15, 2021

Earlier this year I got to visit The White House for their annual Christmas Brunch. Attending The White House was one of the most momentous experiences of my life. While I was there, I gifted a copy of Anxiety-Free with Food to the Presidential East Wing Library. I also was able to bring in my new "Anxiety-Free Supplement." So cool that both my book and supplement made it into The White House before they launched.  

Meeting Chef Eduardo Faubert, one of the nicest chefs I’ve ever met! And get this, he gave me a fork! I think I may frame this! Would you?

The food was phenomenal, I had a great lunch! It was better than I expected but perhaps I should have expected more from the White House in the first place regarding food. They had a lot of clean options like the roasted winter vegetables and lamb for example, which looked simple but they were surprisingly packed with levels of flavor.

My lunch view was the Washington Monument, how cool!

I wanted to be the first person to bring healthy chocolate into the White House, so I brought Hu Kitchen. So passionate to share good functional chocolate with everyone that doesn’t have white sugar, soy lecithin, or dairy. If you haven’t tried it already it’s a must. 

Masks were permitted the entire time being inside, so I wore this Sunbutter one!


Walking around The White House and viewing the portraits of past presidents was a great experience. There is so much history there and the architecture is beautiful. 

I had some really great conversations while being at The White House. I recorded a video based on the conversations, you can check it out here. The conversations included the topics of food, healing, and anxiety. One question that came up asked about the difference between foods that heal anxiety and foods that cause anxiety and if these foods cause the same effect for every single person. This is interesting because foods that trigger anxiety are called anxiogenic, meaning they produce anxiety and will cause anxiety for every person. However, there are certain foods on a different list that cause anxiety for some people and not for others. I call this the “controversial anxiety list” in my book. Foods that heal anxiety are called anxiolytic, meaning they reduce anxiety. Anxiolytic foods can differ from person to person, however most all anxiolytic foods will help to relieve anxiety in every person. The research behind this is fascinating and I talk more about it in my new book, Anxiety-Free with Food!