My Week of Meals from Sakara Plant-Based Meal Delivery

breakfast busy dairy free dinner earth diet gluten free lunch meal delivery meal prep meals no refined sugar non gmo organic plant based plants recycle sakara sakara life the earth diet Mar 22, 2021
Whenever I have busy weeks with work I plan ahead and order Sakara meal delivery to have my meals ready to go. Sakara is an Earth Diet-approved plant-based meal delivery service delivering ready-to-go meals right to your door. They will deliver all over the USA! The founders designed this meal plan delivery service to nourish the body and mind. The meals will help build the foundation for optimal health. Each delivery helps us become one step closer to our best selves. All of their meals are plant-based, non-GMO, Organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, and free of refined sugar.
All of the meals come right to your door on ice packs. They also use recycled packaging and all of their boxes and containers are 100% recyclable. Sakara makes it super easy to grab a meal and go if you are in a rush.   
I had some amazing meals this week. My full menu included three breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks. My breakfasts were Chia and Coconut protein waffles, the Zen Zucchini Muffin, and the Goji Rose Donut. For lunches, I had the Sakara Burrito Bowl with Turmeric Corn Salsa, the H20 Glow Salad, and Moo Shu Veggie Wraps with Tamarind Sauce. The dinners were a Thai Burger, Pink Pearl Salad w/ Cooling Red Lentil Dahl, and Sedona Chipotle Chili and cornbread. The best part of Sakara is that the meals rotate so there are always new menus and meals are rarely repeated. All of the meals were amazing but my
 top favorites from the week were the H20 Glow salad, the Burrito Bowl, The Thai Burger with Root Fries, and the Goji Rose Donut.
All of the meals are so vibrant and packed with flavor and a variety of nutrients. If you have yet to try Sakara, I recommend checking them out to help simplify your life without sacrificing your health. They also have an amazing line of supplements and protein powders. Click here to purchase your first Sakara order and with my code: XOLIANA you can save 20% on your first order. Remember, each bite you take is a choice about who you are and what you want to be.
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