New 100% Organic Eatery In Charlottesville- Organic Krush

100% organic juice bar charlottesville lifestyle eatery in charlottesville organic juice bar in charlottesville organic krush smoothie bowls Jul 13, 2022
I got to check out a new 100% organic eatery that recently opened up in Charlottesville, Virginia! Organic Krush is a New York-based company that has just opened up in Virginia and I could not be happier.
 I love what they stand for and their promise to you is that they provide 100% organic fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices in their dishes. 
They carry organic poultry for people that eat meat. 
They carry 100% organic cold-pressed juices and wellness shots. Organic is important when choosing juices. 
They make homemade rotisserie chickens for broths. You all know I love chicken broth! They also have hand-crafted soups and stews. 
They carry pasture-raised eggs. 
They make smoothies with whole fruit which means never frozen syrups. A lot of smoothies have frozen syrup with artificial sweeteners. 
They use olive oil as their cooking oil. 
They provide seasonal surprises as they aim to carry in-season produce. 
They make their own dressings and sauces which is great as that helps to cut down on unnecessary and harmful ingredients.
They carry organic hormone-free dairy. Dairy may not be for everyone due to bio-individuality, but if you do consume dairy it is vital that it is organic and hormone-free. High quality! If you do not consume dairy, they carry alternative mylks.
They carry eco-friendly plates, cups, napkins, bowls, and bags to help save the planet. 
They have a plentiful selection of vegan and vegetarian options, woo!
They carry organic coffee for any coffee lovers. 
They have a gluten-free bakery and if you have been following me for a while you know I am all about being gluten-free!
Lastly, they promise that their hospitality is centered around happiness, service, and transparency. 
How amazing are these promises?! I can stand behind all of these and this why Organic Krush is incredible!
They have a ton of organic juice options which helps to achieve that daily green juice staple! 
I also loved their vibes and aesthetics. Such a friendly vibe!
I will work my way through this entire menu and keep you posted on the favs! I cannot wait to hear what you all think about Organic Krush. So if you live in the Charlottesville area or plan to visit make sure Organic Krush is on your itinerary!