The People of Expo West 2024

Mar 25, 2024
Expo West, the largest natural food and product show in the world, drew over 120,000 attendees in just three days; Thursday, Friday and Saturday. There were over 3,300 exhibitors showcasing products at the Anaheim Convention Center in March. The show was graced by many amazing people from true health revolutionists, inventors, food scientists, owners of health food stores, celebrities and more! 
This event thrives thanks to the dedication of organizers, attendees, and exhibitors. Among them are influential, passionate, and noteworthy individuals shaping the health industry. From newcomers to long-time pioneers, these individuals represent the diverse and innovative spirit of Expo West. Here are some highlights from my experience, organized by the individuals I encountered. 
Jennifer Garner hosted the Organic Night Out: the Oscars for the food industry. Jennifer has been a regular at Expo West for many years now because of her involvement and investment in Once Upon a Farm. Once Upon a Farm is a brand known for its organic, cold-pressed baby food and snacks. Their products are made with fresh, high-quality ingredients and are free from preservatives and artificial additives. Once Upon a Farm aims to provide nutritious and convenient options for families seeking wholesome, on-the-go food choices for their little ones.
Here is Jennifer Garner presenting Patagonia provisions with the best new product at the Organic Night Out
Mark Webb with Jennifer Garner at the Organic Night Out
Vanessa Hudgens from High School Musical attended to support Cali Water. Cali water is a brand of bottled water sourced from natural springs in California. It is known for its crisp, refreshing taste and commitment to sustainability. Cali water bottles are made from recycled materials, reflecting the brand's dedication to environmental stewardship.
We were hoping for an appearance from Katy Perry in support of her brand Bragg however she did not attend this year. 
Derek Meadows Co-Founder of PureWineEnjoy your wine, headache-free by using PureWine purifiers. Also, Derek is a genius inventor of this product that removes sulfites from wine without changing the taste! 
Vani Hari aka Food Babe Co-Founder of Truvani - Plant protein with no nasty ingredients just clean organic ingredients.
Mark Sisson founder of Primal Kitchen - Sauces and dressings that use real, high-quality ingredients and no seed oils! 
Doug Kantner Founder of Never Better Foods - Plant-based creamy, melty delicious vegan cheese.
Eric Skae Chief Executive Officer of Carbone Fine Foods with Caitlin Skae.
Shawn Wilbur Director of Sales - Remedy Organics Superfood shakes and immune-boosting wellness shots.
Eric Schnell Founder | Chief Executive Officer of Beyond Brands -  A full-service agency that partners to formalize your idea and build a sustainable, scalable, and successful business.
Richard Pauwels Founder of Rich Nuts -  Discovered the health benefits of sprouting nuts while he was a professional firefighter in California. He was in search of a delicious, energy-packed snack to sustain him on one of the toughest jobs on earth.  
Jordan Brown Hu Chocolate Co-Founder - Hu snacks are paleo friendly, gluten-free and soy-free. Simple ingredients, unbeatable taste.
Dr Robert Scott Bell- whose work in the 1980s and ’90s captured the attention of the medical community, for his distinguished contribution to the advancement of scientific knowledge and understanding of silver’s tissue regenerative properties. Dr Robert Scott Bell also has a radio show.
Lauran Skae (The Zen Blonde) - Shares how women are treated in pop culture and so much more.
Melissa Urban is the co-founder and CEO of the Whole30 program - NYT best-selling author THE NEW WHOLE30.
Max Goldberg Founder of Organic Inside News - One of the nation's leading organic food experts and one of the organic industry’s favorite journalists.
David Bronner is the Cosmic engagement officer at Dr Bronners - Amazing organic soaps and Chocolates! This is Dr Bronner’s grandson! 
Kailey Courtis - Works at Clusterbucks.
The strawberry farm - with the Nourish Cold Press Juice team! It’s woman-owned and they carefully craft their cold-pressed juices with organic and regenerative certified ingredients that heal our bodies, our communities, and our planet.
Elizabeth Whitlow Executive Director - at Regenerative Organic Alliance.
Farmer Jawn is building regenerative foodways that enable underserved communities to access health through fresh foods - understand the food is medicine! Farmer Jawn is the first black woman in the world to have an organic regenerative farm of this nature. 
Derek Webber - Partner + Nutrition & Beauty Co-Chair BeyondBrands and President of VitaVirtu Consulting.
Riley Rearden Director of marketing and Shane Hofer - Imlak'esh Organics - A sustainable, intentional company that specializes in the import and distribution of superfoods ethically sourced from small-scale organic farmers around the world.
Swat Team - The event was so huge with over 40,000 people attending per day that the SWAT team was there to keep everyone safe. 
Tyler Schneider Regional Sales Director at Cleveland Kitchen and Mac Anderson co-founder and Chief commercial officer. Clevland Kitchen is known for its kraut and kimchi products.
John Roulac Founder of Nutiva and Founder of Coco Clean coming Q3 a natural laundry detergent! - The world's leading organic superfoods brand of hemp, coconut, chia and red palm products.
Marci Zaroff - Founder/CEO ECOfashion Corp | ECOlifestyle Pioneer & Author | Co-Founder BeyondBrands & Good Catch.
Mattia the pizza boss and Stefano Cataldo founder of Oggi - Authentic Italian gluten-free Cauliflower crusts. 
Dale Parkes founder of Unique Distribution - Australia’s largest natural distribution company!
Alison Cox VP of Sales & Marketing at Edward & Sons - Family-owned health food company that sells organic, vegan and Gluten free products. 
Koert Liekelema CEO at SunButter - Delicious Sunflower Seed Butter.
Sharon Brown Founder and Amanda Luke CEO at Bonafide Provisions - The Cleanest organic bone broth I have come across.
Bryce Wylde Functional Medicine Clinician, Founding Partner The DNA Company, Author and Brent Bishop Founder of Think Fitness Studios, Fitness expert, Celebrity trainer and Author.
Bragg is a well-known health and wellness brand that offers a variety of natural and organic products. They are particularly famous for their apple cider vinegar, which is unpasteurized, unfiltered, and made from organic apples. 

Chef Bae - As seen on Food Network and America's Test Kitchen, Brooke "Chef Bae" Baevsky, is an LA-based celebrity private chef. 

Kris Fade founder of Fade Fit - Protein snacks and Vitamins.

Mark Sisson founder of Primal Kitchen and Mellisa Urban Whole30 co-founder.

Micheal McNeeley co-owner, Gail Chester COO/ Co-owner and Robert Mott from Lively Up Your Breath - The most Lively booth we experienced! Do you have a rap song for your brand?

Joe Turturici and Stefano Cataldo founders of Oggi - Authentic Italian gluten-free Cauliflower crusts.

Scott Greenburg- Founder & Attorney at FarPoint Venture Law PC, Mike Fata - built a $100M business and sold it for $419M. Now he is building a portfolio of companies and sharing his journey to help entrepreneurs grow. Marci Zaroff, Sarah NewMark - Chief Operating Officer at True Grace Nutrition and Erin Shrode.

Matt Levine - Founder at Chlorophyll Water.

Terri Smith - From Kroger.

Jessica Anderson from Kroger and Caroline Tarnofsky.

Kelly Bradshaw - Food stylist.

Gina Coccari senior national sales manager at Dr Bronners and Ryan Fletcher Director of Public Relations at Dr bronners.

Francisco Correa - CEO of Edge Foods Company.

Nicks Sticks Team - Turkey, Beef, Chicken Sticks — All of their sticks are nitrate-free, antibiotic-free, hormone-free, and gluten-free.

Jenna Grossbart Co-founder of Holi ScoopsPlant based frozen dessert that promises more nutrition, more function, and more indulgence.

Corina Magrudder and Christina Luna - SunButter girls.

Caroline Tarnofsky - The Earth Diet  team. 

Chris and Daniela Jenson co founders of Good Picture Foods.

Tara Jensen - from Red River Commodities.

John, Paul and Mike - The SunButter team. 

Christina Luna- SunButter team.

Hayley Van Buren - The Earth Diet Executive Assistant.

Mike Schmit Certified Nutritionist, Hormone Coach and created Superfood SuperHuman.

 Rusty, Jennie, Julie and Brandon- The Redmond Team. 

Rachel Varga Marketing Director full stack | Head of Marketing for Sovereign Silver | Entrepreneur | Podcaster - Silver has been used for more than 2,000 years to help safeguard human health. It is a natural element that can be found in whole grains, edible and medicinal mushrooms, mammalian milk, spring water, sea water and tap water.

Geri Tollefson - From SunButter.

Lisa Shanower Vice President at SunButter.

SunButter team.

Zuri Allen Owner, and founder at I Am Zuri - Coach /Author/Podcaster.

Bobby Parish - A Food Network Champion and has award-winning recipes! His tag line is 'Making healthy food that actually tastes good!'. FlavCity YouTube channel.

Chef Shawn Wilson and wife Jennie from Redmond Real Salt  - Unrefined sea salt mined from an ancient seabed in Utah.

Sahithya Wintrich owner and founder of Chutni Punch -The Chutni Punch product line includes a set of three unique and colorful flavors of fragrant finishing spices, inspired by the tastes of India. 
Laura Tuttle founder of Laura Lives The Good Life - Sourdough Cookbook Author.
Andrea Donsky - Nutritionist IN Menopause, Menopause Educator, Menopause Researcher & Menopause Speaker, TV Media Expert, Host, Influencer/KOL, Author, Podcaster.
Zen Honeycutt the Founder and Director of Moms Across America - A non-profit National Coalition of Unstoppable Moms. 
Kris Fade - Australian legend who lives in Dubai, as seen on Dubai Bling and is the founder of Fade Fit foods.
Travis Baumgardner - Chief Customer Officer & Co-Founder at SAMBAZON.
Hannah Ault - Retail Marketing Specialist at Ancient Nutrition.
Christina Door Drake Co-Founder & CEO - Willa's Oat Milk.
Lori Levene Co-Founder at Scott's Protein Balls - Refrigerated protein snacks that are made with 100% Plant-based, allergen-friendly and nutrient-dense ingredients.
Chelsea Kruse - Partnerships and Influencer Marketing Manager at Primal Kitchen.
Wrapping up the Expo with our favorite tradition a meal at Gracias Madre, renowned for its delectable plant-based Mexican dishes.
The Crew.
Thank you to everyone who came to my book signings at the Redmond and SunButter Booths this year.
The Expo West After Party.