Raw Juce Organic Plant-Based Food in Florida, Incredible Raw Desserts, Acai Bowls, Power Bowls and More!

acai bowls florida heavenly organics mylk omg bar raw juce smoothie bowl sustainable the earth diet vegan Dec 06, 2021

While in Florida, I stopped by Raw Juce! Raw Juce uses organic ingredients to make acai bowls, over 20 juices, 3 protein smoothies, dozen of health shots, breakfast bowls, wraps and gluten free sandwiches, plant-powered fusion bowls, salads and raw dessert or snack treats. Wow, amazing high quality vegan food! There are nine locations currently operating throughout South Florida.

Raw Jūce began over 7 years ago as the result of the commonsense belief (supported by science) that there is a connection between what we put in our bodies and the strength of our immune systems, overall health and life expectancy. Since then, they’ve dedicated themselves to going the extra mile to provide customers with the highest quality, freshest, best tasting organic ingredients in the industry. 

Their holistic award-winning chef curated every product on the menu and everything is gluten-free and never has toxic chemicals, preservatives, additives or added sugar. In fact, they’re so dedicated to using only the best ingredients in their products, they started their own organic farm to source most of the produce and they even make their own Oat and Almond mylks! So next level! That way, they know (and we the customers know) for sure how their ingredients are grown and produced. And if that wasn’t enough… they went the extra mile to not use ice in their smoothies, because they think we deserve to get all the nutrition and goodness possible.

My go-to's at Raw Juce are the Black Magic acai bowl which has Banana, Mango, Açai, Protein, Activated Charcoal, Almond Mylk, Honey, topped with Granola, Banana, Chia Seeds, Coconut Flakes, Blueberries, Honey and I always add blueberries and cacao nibs. I also get the Ginger Green Juice which has Spinach, Cucumber, Pear, Lemon, Turmeric, Spirulina, Cayenne Pepper and Ginger.

And the O.M.G bar! Wow this is heavenly divine. Ingredients: Coconut Sugar, Cacao Nibs, Cacao Butter, Water, Almond Butter, Coconut Oil, Cashew Butter, Almonds, Oat Flour, Sourgum Flour, Cacao Powder, Baking Soda, Sunflower Lecithin, Vanilla. This is one of the best raw desserts I’ve ever had, and I’m telling you I’ve tried literally thousands of raw desserts. This bar is top 10 for sure! If I could make a homemade recipe like this, my life would be complete. But when in Florida this is my go-to. This is also a good one for converting a friend or family member to “healthy”, by showing them something like this can be extremely delicious but also clean and nutrient rich!

Finding Raw Juce was a dream come true! Having peace of mind that everything is so clean, fresh and nutrient dense. But it continues, they are also practicing sustainability for the earth!

It doesn’t make sense to make ourselves healthier at the expense of our planet, so they go the extra mile to be environmentally sustainable. After all, our most basic requirements: unpolluted air, clean water and fresh, organic food, all come from our environment. At Raw Jūce, environmental sustainability isn’t a back-burner issue – it’s imperative and essential if mankind is to have and continue to have the resources to meet our needs. Their commitment to being a responsible, environmentally-conscious business starts at the top and permeates all levels of their operations:
• Their acai bowls are 100% biodegradable.
• They recycle all of the pulp created in the making our cold-pressed jūce and donate to local farmers.
• They only use bottles & cups that are 100% recyclable and BPA free.
• They use paper bags & straws instead of plastic.
• They use organic produce which eliminates the use of toxic chemicals while growing the produce which is better for the environment:
⁃ Organic farming uses 45% less energy;
⁃ Releases 40% less emissions;
⁃ Fosters 30% more biodiversity.

That feeling after eating something so delicious and nourishing. Plus that Florida sunshine- wow heaven on earth! This place is amazing! Stop by if you have a chance and let me know how much you enjoyed it!