New Snow Days Flavor: Buffalo Chicken!

dairy free earth diet grain free non gmo organic pizzabites snow days upgrade Feb 03, 2022

It's a snowy day here in Virginia, so Snow Days are quite literally perfect for today!

Snow Days are en epic organic upgrade for traditional pizza bites we all know and love! Snow Days are 100% organic, grain-free, gluten-free, and made with grass-fed & free-range dairy, plus free of preservatives.

They just launched their latest flavor, Buffalo Chicken! It is so delicious and fulfills my craving for buffalo chicken pizza, yum. This is my new flavor of the four flavors! The others are Veggie White Pizza, Sausage and Cheese.

Would love to hear which is your favorite! The 4-pack is probably the wisest choice so you can try all flavors.

Snow Days would be a great for your upcoming Super Bowl party!
Give Snow Days a try today and relive your favorite childhood snack in a healthier way. Click the link and use the code LIANA to save $15 on your first order.

Note: I do not recommend eating dairy on a regular basis, however high quality, organic dairy is ok in moderation. And thanks to bio-individuality dairy effects everyone’s bodies differently. Snow Days are definitely an upgrade if eating dairy is something you enjoy, give them a try!