Spring Party- Earth Diet Approved Hors D'oeuvres

charlottesville drink volley friends fun garden healthy hors d'oeuvres hu kitchen montysnyc spring party sunbutter the earth diet weekend Apr 25, 2021

It's officially spring- YAY! To celebrate we had a small, spring-inspired party with some of our close friends and were sure to prepare the most delicious spread for everyone to enjoy- follow along for some party inspo. 

The star of the show was Volley Tequila Seltzers- the perfect clean drink to elevate any party! This is definitely my go-to drink- it's light, smooth and the cans are classy. Doesn't get much better than that!


As you all know, I have started a garden on our rooftop, and everything is growing great, so I decided to add some of my fresh herbs into the dishes we made, like these turkey meatballs- how cool!

We also prepped some gluten free, vegan buffalo cauliflower, turmeric hummus, and rice paper rolls with a tangy SunButter sauce for our plant based guests, but they were a hit amongst vegetarians and meat-eaters alike! The hummus and a creamy salmon dip, made with my favorite Monty's dairy free cream cheese, paired perfectly with Hu Kitchen's crackers- and of course we had out some plain Monty's for everyone to enjoy on the charcuterie board!

What kind of party would it be without a charcuterie board and dessert? Had to include some more of my favorites in the spread. As I just mentioned, we had plenty of Monty's on the cheese board, but we also had some of SunButter's new chocolate sunflower butter to pair with the strawberries- yum! The real star of the dessert section, though, was the Simple Mills cupcakes with some of their vanilla frosting- I added some beet juice to the frosting to give it a vibrant, springy pink color! Also had to include some chocolate covered strawberries, using the best melting chocolate ever: Hu Kitchen!

Of course, we had to offer some SunButter and Anxiety Free Supplements to round it out- wouldn't be a proper party without them!

We had the best time with our friends and enjoyed such good food together- we will definitely be doing this again soon! And a special shoutout to our friend who queued up some great music throughout the night!