Tasty Tuesday and an Exciting Announcement for Liana's Organics

anxiety free supplements anxiety free with food charlottesville complete wellness juice laundry meal prep pique tea Apr 14, 2021

Another busy work day full of meals that I prepared on Monday to last a few days! I started the day with more Pique Matcha and chia seed pudding- the recipe for the chia pudding can be found in my Anxiety Free With Food book.

Went for another walk around because it was absolutely lovely out and then had some rice paper rolls and quinoa with buffalo wings!

I also stopped by Juice Laundry again- turns out I've ordered from them so regularly that I'm now a "Duchess!" You could say I love their smoothies- especially the Coco Verde!

Also- some very exciting news! As of today, my Anxiety Free Supplements can be found at Complete Wellness in New York! 

Finally, for dinner I had lemon rosemary salmon, potatoes with organic gravy, and some roasted carrots! A perfect, well-rounded meal to end the day!