The Dangers of Sunscreen - Can Your Sunscreen Be Doing More Harm than Good?

sunscreen Apr 14, 2022

We all know sunscreen is important for protecting our skin from the sun. However, sunscreen is filled with harmful chemicals that can actually be more toxic for us rather than help protect us. Common chemicals found in sunscreen include oxybenzone, avobenzone, octisalate, octocrylene, homosalate, and octinoxate. 

Oxybenzone alone is a synthetic estrogen that penetrates the skin and can disrupt your endocrine system. More than half of the beach and sports sunscreens in the marketplace contain oxybenzone. Oxybenzone's primary function is to absorb ultraviolet light, but some research shows it can be absorbed through the skin. Staff at the Environmental Working Group (EWG) and other toxicology experts believe that oxybenzone is linked to hormone disruption and potentially to cell damage that could lead to skin cancer. According to Steve Kronening, ND, cases of thyroid disease have increased over the last few years, the culprit has been found to be sunscreen due to the high levels of, you guessed it, Oxybenzone. Kronening states, "When your thyroid gland absorbs this chemical, it causes an increase in the hormone TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone) along with a decrease in the hormone thyroxine (T4). This change in hormone production is what causes hypothyroidism (where the thyroid does not produce enough thyroid hormone). The chemical also increases the weight of their thyroid gland – another indicator of thyroid suppression. The more you use this chemical, the worse your hypothyroidism becomes."

When I wrote The Earth Diet book in 2012 I included parts about food - what we put into our bodies, skin - what we put on our largest organ, and household products. Because whatever we consume and surround ourselves with is absorbed! Removing as many toxins as possible is ideal of course. I also included a recipe to make your own sunscreen. If I am in the sun for more than an hour or two I make sure to use extra protection by applying sunscreen. I love the sunscreen that the brand Olita makes, it is made with organic ingredients and doesn’t contain damaging ingredients! It’s been vetted and approved by the EWG saying that it doesn’t contain any disruptive chemicals that would harm our health or the environment. 

I was in Florida recently for my birthday and I took a photo of the conventional sunscreen vs Olita so you can see the difference in the ingredients. I would not put those crazy ingredients on my skin, or especially on a baby! Olita offers baby sunscreen too. 

According to the EWG, we should look for mineral products that include zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, 3 percent avobenzone, or Mexoryl SX. These ingredients protect skin from harmful UVA and UVB light rays. Finding quality sunscreens like this in today's market is tough, however, Olita brand is the healthiest sunscreen I have found yet. Unlike the conventional brand shown above on the left, Olita is a mineral sunscreen that is certified organic, EWG certified, Non-GMO, and reef safe! Olita goes on smooth and blends into the skin well unlike other mineral sunscreens that leave the skin white and pasty. Olita sells a variety of sunscreen products and products to use after a day in the sun. I love their coconut oil After Sun as well.

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