Welcome to Your New Non-Toxic Home Life

Jun 17, 2024

By Liana Werner-Gray

Welcome to your new non-toxic life. It’s no accident you are here. You're here to learn how to create a beautiful, clean, organic, non-toxic home that will benefit you immensely. And not just you—your family, guests, or anyone who steps foot into your home will feel the difference.
Here, you can smile, relax, and breathe deeply. That’s the magic of organic fibers vs. synthetic ones. Your lungs know the difference, naturally opening up and allowing you to breathe more freely around natural fibers. Conversely, when the body senses toxins, it begins to shut down. Many people face health issues unknowingly caused by their environment.
I recently went down the rabbit hole of what beds, bedding and sofas are made from because I moved to LA and had to get all new stuff. I was kind of blown. I ended up choosing The Futon Shop for my new organic homeware because they seemed to be the most authentically natural and organic. 
The Story Behind The Futon Shop
The Futon Shop began with Sue, a 25-year-old living in California, who is now a legend in the organic field. Sue and her husband wanted to start a family. Sue, a close friend of the founder of Erewhon Market, was appalled by the toxicity of baby beds available at the time. Determined to create a safer option, she learned how to make her own organic bedding from her friends. She began making futons, advertising them through Erewhon, and thus The Futon Shop was born.
The Hidden Dangers in Your Bed!
Is Your Bed Causing Cancer?
This might sound dramatic, but it's a harsh reality. Many beds are made with toxic chemicals that can cause serious health issues, including cancer. It’s not about instilling fear—it's about empowering you with knowledge to protect yourself.
Do You Really Know What You're Sleeping With?
Think about it: we spend a significant part of our lives sleeping. Yet, most of us never consider what our beds are made of. Many conventional beds are filled with petrochemicals, which can cause:
- Respiratory Issues: Breathing in these chemicals can lead to short breaths, sniffing, sneezing, and even asthma.
- Skin Irritation: Harsh chemicals can irritate your skin, causing itching, redness, and inflammation.
- Hormone Disruption: Chemicals known as endocrine disruptors can interfere with your body's hormone regulation, leading to imbalances and various health issues.
The Serious Impact of Petrochemicals
Petrochemicals, found in many bedding products, are derived from petroleum and natural gas. They are present in:
- Polyurethane foam
- Polyester fibers
- Vinyl
- Adhesives
- Dyes and finishes
These substances can contribute to cancer through DNA damage, inflammation, and disruption of normal cellular processes. Studies have shown significant links between petrochemical exposure and increased cancer risks, including leukemia, lung cancer, and other serious conditions   .
Embracing Organic Living
Transitioning to an organic lifestyle, including your bedding, can make a world of difference. It may cost more initially, but investing in organic products is investing in your health and the environment. Here’s why:
- Health Benefits: Organic bedding reduces exposure to harmful chemicals, promoting better respiratory health, skin condition, and hormonal balance.
- Environmental Impact: By choosing organic products, you help reduce air, water, and soil pollution. This contributes to a healthier planet, which in turn supports healthier living for all.
The Futon Shop's Commitment
The Futon Shop has been at the forefront of providing organic, non-toxic bedding since 1976. Founder Suzy Diamond started this journey from her living room, driven by a desire to protect her family from harmful chemicals. Today, The Futon Shop offers a range of products made from natural materials like wool, cotton, latex, and more, sourced responsibly from around the world.
A Pioneering Vision
Suzy Diamond’s vision was to create furniture without fossil fuels. Despite the higher costs, she and her team are committed to providing safe, natural products that contribute to a healthier home environment. They understand the severe impact of petrochemicals and have worked tirelessly to eliminate them from their products.
Moving Forward
It's crucial to be aware of what we bring into our homes. Starting with organic bedding is a powerful step towards a healthier lifestyle. Whether you need to save up or opt for a payment plan, making the switch to organic bedding is a worthwhile investment. It not only enhances your well-being but also contributes to a healthier planet.
Take the First Step
Begin by examining your current bedding and considering an upgrade to organic alternatives. The difference it makes can be profound, both for your health and the environment. As more people choose organic products, the demand will drive down costs, making it more accessible for everyone.
Beds can indeed cause cancer due to the toxic chemicals they contain. But by making informed choices and opting for organic, non-toxic bedding, you can create a safer, healthier home environment. Join the movement towards a non-toxic life and experience the benefits for yourself and your loved ones.
For more information on creating a non-toxic home, visit The Futon Shop’s website and explore their range of organic products. Start your journey towards a healthier, happier life today! 
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