What is not Considered The Earth Diet

Oct 28, 2020

Following The Earth Diet means eating foods that come straight from the Earth as much as possible. The key is to avoid foods that are artificially modified and toxic to our bodies. There are many chemicals and pesticides today that are toxic for our bodies and should be avoided as much as possible.

The following foods can be toxic for the body and thus can drain us of energy and have the potential to cause a lot of health issues.

Eat less or eliminate:

• Fast food (the new type of organic fast food is an exception).
• Fat-free food.
• Foods containing refined sugar and flour.
• Foods that are genetically modified organisms (GMOs).
• Foods fried in GMO oil, or generic “vegetable” oil.
• Foods that contain partially hydrogenated and trans fats, like margarine.
• Foods containing corn or corn syrup—the majority of corn is GMO.
• Synthetic foods that list their ingredients on the label as numbers.
• Irradiated foods.
• Foods that have come from far away, like the other side of the globe.
• Frozen foods—some organic frozen fruits are an exception
• Non-organic meat.
• Processed foods that contain over 20 ingredients—with so many ingredients food becomes a complicated mess that’s too much for the body to digest.
• Canned foods—new organic products that are canned in BPA-free cans are an exception.
• Foods containing preservatives, flavorings, and colorings—or are listed a “natural flavors”

Also, do not count calories—unless you really want to. To save time and energy, don’t bother. When you eat natural foods the body is restored to its natural weight.  When you are attuned with your body, your intuition will guide you to eat exactly what you need and as many calories as you need.