What Is “Proper” Nutrition?

Oct 27, 2020

Receiving proper nutrition is important to help you feel your best and is the key to staying healthy.

Proper nutrition comes from foods consumed in their most natural state. Science has shown us that the following four types of foods provide us with the most nutrients per bite and per calorie.

• Foods grown simply and organically (without chemicals, like pesticides)
• Locally grown foods 
• Seasonal foods 
• Raw fruits and vegetables

The nutrients in these foods are intact. They have not been depleted by harvest, machinery, shipping, or packaging. Obviously we are going to take more nutrition from an organic apple grown from an heirloom seed that we pluck from a tree ourselves and eat right on the spot than from eating a chemically sprayed, GMO apple that was shipped across the country via plane and then waxed before being placed in the supermarket bin. If our bodies are consuming a lot of toxic matter, but that matter does not provide it with nutrients, then our bodies are working hard to digest fiber and getting no energy in return. This leads to weight gain, sluggishness, and other negative consequences.