My ABC News Good Morning Washington Segment About "Recipes To Beat The Bloat"

anti bloating foods beat bloating with food de-bloating foods earth month good morning washington Apr 21, 2022
I was on air with ABC Good Morning Washington for Earth Month yesterday. I shared recipes that can help us beat bloating! There can be a lot of factors for bloating but one of the main causes is consuming too much processed foods. During the segment I shared three recipes made with functional foods that we can replace with the conventional versions to avoid bloating and give us the nutrients we need, all while enjoying a delicious meal.

Three recipes for de-bloating:

1. Ginger tea: Ginger is anti- inflammatory and helps to reduce bloating and sugar cravings! It’s great to drink in the evening or after a large meal.

2. Lentil Bolognese: Made with Explore Cuisine Chickpea Spaghetti, lentils, and Carbone tomato sauce. This recipe is made with half the carbs, double the amount of protein, double the amount of fiber, and it’s gluten-free! Gluten can be a suspect of boating so this is a great way to avoid it.

3. No Bake Chocolate Peppermint Brownies: Everyone loves brownies right?! But these brownies are gluten, dairy, and refined-sugar free. They can give us actual energy we need to get through our day. Made with cacao, tigernut flour,  Pri manuka honey and topped with Sunbutter & Bhu Foods cookie butter frosting. These are a functional dessert.

Want to try these recipes? Each of these recipes can be found in my books. Watch my full segment here!